Do Corsair XMS2 CL4 sticks still use Micron D9's?

Curious because I might buy them if it is the case to pair with my P5B Deluxe.
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  1. Ty. Mucho. Can't even tell you how much hair pulling this saved me :mrgreen:

    Edit: that's strange it says PC6400C3 meaning CL3??

    PC6400C3 TWIN2X 3.0-4-3-9 @ 2.2V
    Micron D9GKX (B6-25E)

    there is no CL4 XMS on the list?
  2. Actually I think I'll go with a nice pair of Buffalo Firestix, several newegg (like more than 50%) reviews are claiming that they "clock like a demon" they look nice too and aren't hugely expensive. Oh yeah and one reported they were compatible with the P5B deluxe.

    I'll do some more research though.

    BUFFALO Firestix DDR800 Cas5 is not D9 any more

    Well that's out so I'll go with G.Skill PC6400HZ

    G.skill PC6400HZ (D9GMH) DDR800 CAS4 Costs 300
  3. Seems liek almost everyone uses Micron D9s..... does the variety of D9 make any difference?
  4. I'm not sure, I just know micron D9's overclock like crazy 8)
  5. I say get crucial ballistix ram!

    My 1gb (didn't have the money for 2gb :( ) 800mhz cas4 tracer module does 1200mhz cas5. Crucial ballistix ram uses D9GMH ics.

    Newegg had an offer on tracer ram a little wihle back...

    10th anniversary ram is also good for overclocking..if you can find it anywhere.... :P
  6. I like the G.Skill it'll go good with my mobo (assuming it's compatible) and it's relatively affordable :)

    I just hope they don't run outta D9's by the time I buy them! 8O
  7. I got those firestix, a really good buy for the price!

    Still I don't think they're using Micron IC anymore, I suspect my Stick don't use the Micron either, yet they clock at 450(4-4-4-12)at 2.1v. My efforts to pop the heat spreader haven't been successful yet.
  8. I found something I'm gonna buy off that list though: The OCZ XTC Memory cooler, man that thing looks slick! 8O
  9. Yes my research shows they do not use micron D9's anymore. I'm very sad, they looked nice and were a good price.
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