Wiring my fans from my external radiator to mobo/psu

I recently bought three scythe 120mm fans and I was wondering if anyone can recommend and link a wire connector that could connect all three 3pin wires in a series so I could just plug one into the mobo or psu, also needs to be fairly long as its being run from an external radiator.
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  1. So I'll need 3 of those 3 pin to 4 pin adapters? And it plugs into PSU I take it?(PSU with 4 pin connector)
  2. The better way to do it would be to get a fan controller so that you can control the speeds and have all the fans controlled by one knob, attach the other case fans to the other knobs... Then you can turn down the fans on the rad when you aren't running under load, external rads can make lots of noise.
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