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i have setup an access point and two repeaters that pick up the signal from the access point and redistribute it.

all access points are the same model and brand.
everything is using the same channel. i was wondering if the repeaters should use different channels or not?

in any case my only issue at the moment is windows. when i move away from the main access point and get near REPEATER A windows should automatically connect to that.

if i do a network scan i see all 3 devices. the ap, repeater a, and repeater b. when i am near repeater a the signal is strongest according to the wireless scan however the laptop is still connected to the AP with very low signal strength.

how can i make windows auto switch?
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  1. There have been may question on roaming. There are very few AP's that support it properly, most are bussiness class.

    The mfg of my AP says to have the ap set on the same channel, same SSID and key. My AP has a special mode to handle this. This way MS windows does not see 3 different sources. ONLY 1.

    I no this will still up a mess. There are other mfg that tells you to have them on different chanels so they don't interfer with each other. The problem with this is that it is treated as a seperate AP.

    Windows has the capability to auto connect when in range. The problem with thas is once connected to a ssid it will only switch if the signal drops off and it sees another AP. The problem you are having.

    Check to see if your AP Support ROAMING.
  2. the access points i am using are from MICRONET (

    i have the main access point set to "AP Bridge-WDS Mode"
    now in this mode theres 6 fields which i can insert MAC addresses into. i assume thats for the repeaters? I have left those at 0000000000s
    i have left those at zeros because the other access point acting as a repeater is still able to connect so the the two repeaters i have are set to "Universal Repeater"

    For the access points acting as repeaters I have left the same channel as the Access Point however I have changed the ssid.

    The manual says the following:
    If you want an access point to bridge wired Ethernet network and
    provide connection service for other wireless station at the same time, you have to set
    the access point to “AP Bridge-WDS mode”. Simply speaking, “AP Bridge-WDS
    mode” function is the combination of “AP mode” and “AP Bridge-Point to Multi-
    Point mode”.[/code:1:25c7dd0a56]
    and for Universal Repeater it says:
  3. You want WDS with the associated MAC address. This way it will know its the same service.
  4. Quote:
    You want WDS with the associated MAC address. This way it will know its the same service.

    i dont understand what you mean

    do you mean to say i should insert the mac addresses or what?
  5. It's my understanding you need to put the associated hardware (AP) in.

    You should be setup for WDS inorder for the roaming to work.

    There was a thread on this 1-2 month ago that covered this topic. What they found out after getting excelated to a level 3 tech is their HW did not support ROAMING. Sorry I can't give you the finer details.
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