SSD (Solid State Drives) & RAM Drives' Progress??

Ive been slowly waiting for this tech to come down to the "extream-user" level, but in 5 years there has been slow progress on this front.

I know that the new "vista" hard drives are hybrids, but im looking for more. I dont need a 120GB SSD/RAM drive, but a 32-36GB would be a nice size. Just something to hold Windows, temp drive, and your main applications (1-2 games or your video editor or etc).

I know there are a few RAM Drives out there:
HyperOs HyperDrive IV & Gigabyte's i-RAM

Then there are the SSDs:
Transcend Soild State Hard Drive

From what I have read the HyperDrive offers a 16GB version, but the cost is $1400 and for 16GB of ram $1500. The i-Ram has a 4GB version for $125 and $288 for the ram. Which makes the i-Ram cheaper, but of course it uses PCI slots.

Gigabyte is suppost to be comming out with a 5.25 drive bay, which would use a 4 pin power connector and a Sata connector, which would be nice for those useing full tower cases or server cases. They were suppost to be released as of Q4 2006 or Q1 2007, but if it wasnt at the CES 2007, then I doubt it will be released anytime soon.

Then there are the Transcend Soild State Hard Drives, which I found on tigerdirect, but they seem to be for laptops (since they are 3.937 in x 2.756 in x 0.276 in size) there and someone else mentioned that they arnt designed for constant access, but at $380 it seems to be the cheapest solution.

But anyways, other then these 3 products, has anyone else heard or seen anything on this technology front?
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    There's links to two other SSD drives (From Samsung and Sandisk) in that article.

    Of course, not to be outdone:

    I too have contemplated the use of SSD drives, though I had only ever planned on putting my swap file on it.
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