Questions regarding my new HTPC (but involving 7600GS)

(this post was originaly on nzone but nobody replied yet)

I recently upgraded my HTPC.

Old details: Chaintech Zenith (LEGENDARY motherboard for HTPC that 4 YEARS AGO had remote control, multi-card reader, 7.1 24bit audio with optical etc.), P4 2.8 (recently changed from 2.6) 478, 2GB RAM (big breath from 512MB I had for the most time), ATI 9800XT/256 (great 2D/3D for its time), 320GB SATA, Hauppauge PVR-350, Skystar2 etc. in a nice expensive case.

New (what I don't mention is the same): Asus P5W DH Deluxe (bought 3 months used), Core2 6300, 2GB RAM, nVidia 7600GS fanless.

The old was fine but I had the chance for almost zero money to switch to Core2/PCI-Express era also in my HTPC (that could play H264 but not easily).

Note that the old and the new were connected with no-name DVI->HDMI cable to Amoi LC37 LCD TV.

Why I write here? I have some issues that seem to be related to 7600GS...


With my old config, nice 9800XT, when I switched on, I could see BIOS screen, windows boot screen etc.

With my new config, I don't see anything until I get to my desktop! (1920x1080 of course)

What is the matter? If it was an S-Video connection I would (barely but) excuse it, but through DVI I don't understand what could be wrong.


With my old config, control panel game me the option for 50Hz and 60Hz at 1920x1080, which both gave great results so I chose 50Hz to better display our European PAL channels (from PVR-350). Note that although 50Hz was interlaced you couldn't see it (by moving windows up and down etc.).

With the new config, I get the same two options, with two major differences. At 50Hz it is now definitely interlaced and it shows (with motionless desktop there is no difference, but when I move windows up and down I see it clearly). And... 60Hz do not display at all! (shuts down display and I have to connect with VNC from other PC to switch back to 50Hz). WEIRD?

Thank God I still get 1:1 1920x1080 pixel mapping with no tricks or I would be miserable. Also fortunately HD videos that I tried, seem to play ok (no extensive experimentation though, just 5-6 tests with MPC and Nero player - still building the machine).

We are talking about the same TV, same cable and a switch from a 5 year old AGP to a fresh PCI-Express.

Stupid choice? Please guys give me your light. I chose the card because it is fanless and because of PureVideo HD. Could be the fault of something else? For example I think maybe the cable for which 7600 could be less tolerant? I don't know what to say.


(PS. running latest official 93.71 on that PC)
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  1. nobody has anything to say???
  2. I think what you are dealing with is in the nVidia control panel. I'm assuming from the comment that you only have the TV connnected, not a secondary display? The newer nVidia control panel has a series of options on how you want the image displayed to TV, and usually a list of frequencies that it will run at. In some display modes, the software expects the TV to be secondary, and broadcasts full screen video to that display, but no desktop or other windows - so when you show a movie, you don't see menus, cursors, or windows. Hope this is a start.
  3. You need to investigate the BIOS resolutions's support in your card, some will upscale the BIOS and others with not. Since BIOS screens are 640x480 or even 320x240, you need to know how this is handled by your card and your monitor/TV.

    Other than that I haven't tweaked with nV drivers with a PAL setup. I'd check the nV resources/knowledge base if I were you.

    BTW, why did you pick a GS and not a GT (both can be bought or made fanless), the GS doesn't support HD inverse telecine while the GT does? If you're interested in PUreVideo and HD on a 1080P screen, then I would've thought that'd be of great interest.
  4. Guys thank you for your replies.

    Since I am talking about a DVI->HDMI connection I expect this to be treated as a monitor (btw I have friends that in fact USE this TV as a gaming monitor). It in fact IS (also) a monitor able to display all normal VESA resolutions.

    My old AGP 9800XT and old 6600 both gave a nice display of my BIOS, windows loading screen and everything (same cable, same TV). Why not 7600GS?

    I will probably be forced to use (in addition to DVI-HDMI) a VGA cable to be able to tweak my computer but this is NO permanent solution (I, by far, prefer to change gfx card).

    You think I should look further on how to make these stupid drivers and stupid card understand that this display CAN IN FACT display more?

    Some people suggested older drivers, some even suggested I should try the other PCI-express port (what if I didn't have a second one?). What do you think?

    (I chose GS over GT because GS was fanless and 20 euro cheaper and my HTPC budget was already off - now I will probably be a bit more off and get an X1650 - except if I find some logic in this madness)
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