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I replaced the motherboard in a computer in an Insurance office. I had to do a fresh install of XP Pro. The following were previously installed on said computer:

Citrix MetaFrame Program Neighborhood (v. 9.150.39151)
Contivity VPN Client (V04_65.19)

I've got all addresses, domain names, lan ip's, usernames etc.

My question is what do I configure first? I'm new to networking. This can't be that complicated because there's only 2 computers in the office. Can somebody tell me what to expect when I hook this back up?

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  1. If Citrix and a VPN client are installed, then they're using that PC to connect to a remote system. You need to find out where that system is and who owns it, then contact that party to get the information you are looking for.
  2. I would definitely set up the VPN client 1st. Make sure that you can ping the Citrix server. Then set up the Citrix program.

    You can do it the other way around, but until you get VPN connectivity, you won't know if your Citrix is set up properly.

    **EDIT: Must learn to look at the dates of the posts.**
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