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I have a limited budget, but want to get better memory to overclock my Core 2 Duo E6300 and Gigabyte DS3 board.

I have £70 ($140), right now I have only 512MB of very cheap 667Mhz memory that will OC to 826Mhz before going sour.

Would I be best buying good 667Mhz memory, or buying cheap 800Mhz memory? I'm trying to get a gigabyte of RAM, and I've found some value 800Mhz stuff or could buy more expensive 667Mhz.

I'm hoping to hit maybe 850Mhz ..., which would be around 3Ghz.

Basically its a pick between this:



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  1. well spending so little you don't leave very many options open for overclcking memory, but that is a good question

    don't go with ebuyer ram, havent heard great things about em, same for the geil

    if i were you i would go with the corsair or maybe these,

  2. Stick with the Corsair but put some after market heat spreaders on them.
    That’s your best bet for your price range
    There is no guarantee you'll hit 850 with any value ram.
    But it is possible.
  3. Thanks both :)

    One more question to pose:
    Which would offer most performance gain?

    1Gb more of the value 667Mhz memory? (Making 1.5Gb)


    1Gb of better memory, and a potentially better overclock?


    The first is cheaper so may offer more bang for buck.
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