Which Motherboard Is The Right One For Me?

Help, I’m planning on upgrading my computer, however I’m in a dilemma and am unsure of which motherboard and which speed of Ram to purchase. Yes, I understand that the higher the number the faster the speed, however I don’t want there to be any bus conflicts.

I need to purchase the last 3 major parts for upgrading my computer; I have an WD SATA2 hard drive and a brand new Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI express video card.

I’m leaning toward purchasing an Intel Core2 Duo E6600, DDR2-Ram (533/667/800 which ever would be best for board bus speed) and a P965 chip set type Motherboard.

My system is going to be used for low-end gaming and homework. I’m not planning on using SLI, or overclocking. However if I the motherboard I buy make’s overclocking almost dummy proof, I may consider playing with it.

So I’m asking what you guys think is my best option, the P965, however I not ruling out the 680i, or the 975x. I am concerned with cost and don’t want to go overboard since I don’t need a ton of motherboard for what I need, (examples don’t need WiFi, parallel port, FireWire ports, eSATA, etc)

What I really want is ease and no conflicts.

I did read the
"Shootout at the Core 2 Corral: Seven P965 Motherboards Compared"
A lot of great info, however I want to know what will be practical and some experience from people telling me what really works well together...

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Wow great advice here ... maybe I'll just buy some junk and complain here instead...
  2. sometimes some threads slip through the cracks. when i was building mine, my thread slipped through them too.

    anyway, i would probably avoid the 680i if i had to do it again. not that its a bad board, just that it has way more then ill ever need in a board. if you dont plan on sli, dont even consider the 680i. you said you were looking for midrange performance, stick with a p965 board. asus makes good ones, and i believe gigabyte makes good ones too. not that the p965 is a simple board, its just a better choice for a non-enthusiast obsessed person.
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