Im an abusive when I try to fix pcs :(

I inherited a 4 year old Compaq laptop from my dad, who got it from his company for free.
Its not a bad pc with a 1.8ghz Pentium 4M, 1gb ram, 40gb hd, a 15 inch SXGA+ 1400x1050 lcd, and a combo drive Compaq Evo N800v, with 2 batteries!

Anyways my dad stopped using it 2 years ago after is developed a corrupted hard drive. I short while ago i realized that i might be able to get it to work by merely replacing the hard drive. Turns out my dad had given away the AC adapter to a co-worker, who lost it. On the bright side, my buddy's 4 year old Dell 8500 laptop's video card developed issues and had to be abandoned, so i could now get a 40gb hard drive for cheap!

Things then went on in this order:
I fool around with the laptop trying to find the HD
After removing all of the screws from the bottom of the laptop to no avail
I realize that the HD can be removed my simply prying open a bay on the side. (It came out very easily)
My dad's co-worker found the adapter and returned it to my dad
I try it out and it work just great.
I then (just to know..) replaced the old HD in its little bay and tried it out.
It works until I try to restart it when it gives me missing file errors.
I then try to remove the HD bay but, suprise! it doesn't budge...
I pry away with a screw driver until I have successfully broken off the plastic bay door.
Even then, with all of my might, i cannot pull the hard drive out with needlenose pliers.

So now im left with a laptop with a broken HD stuck inside
any suggestions, and I mean any would be greatly appreciated

lovely, eh
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  1. OMFG


    on the compaq laptops (2800 series?) they have 1 small black screw nbere the hdd bay which you undo, and the hdd tray slides out easily


    read the manual before afroteching a laptop
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  4. Well, since the second post just explained the problem, this thread has now been hijacked for the sake of randomness.
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    nothing much this week

    school starts for me wednesday week (31st)

    where are you? US/UK/AUS/HK/CA/CN/TW/JP/NZ/etc etc ?
  8. University of Rochester, NY. How come school starts so late for you?
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    baulkham hills high school, nsw, australia

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  11. Hey what do you know, it works...

    Heck, it was fun while it lasted. Now all I have to do is get the replacement HD from my friend and put it in.

    to fix this problem:
    God invented duct tape to give us a way to fix our most grievous errors

    well there still is'nt any guarantee that it will work.

    p.s. i would have read the manual if it came w one
    heck we all learn something new every day.
  12. Laptop + Duct tape = Kill yourself.
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    duct tape eh

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  16. HAHAHA, well you might as well just throw it against a concrete wall, or use it as a trampoline.

    have you tried reinstalling windows???
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    good way to get post count up too
  18. or you could blame crappy ie7 for refreshing
  19. I'm a Firefox man.

  20. (image of foxy laughing as ie logo blows up)

    kinda noobish question, but how do you uplaod a pic into the post?
  21. Quote:
    I'm a Firefox man.

    That's good.
    This is better.
  22. AARRGGGG!!!! I tried to use that one, but the link was bad. Where did you find it??? :x

  23. I love how this image was randomly in the first search page. The internet is the best.
  24. haha, ie7 sucks penis,... which version of firefox you usin?
  25. Hey, even though you have 3x the # of posts than me I get to teach you something!

    I embedded my 1st pic in my original post on this page... and I figured it out all by myself :)

    Go to register, login, upload a pic
    Once thats done, It will give you three links for the pic: HTML, URL, and IMG

    Notice how in the TH Forumz reply box theres a button for Img between URL and List=, well its the same thing. Just click on the IMG link in your photobucket album and It will give you a notice that its been copied.
    You then go to your TH reply page and press Cntrl-V or paste

    Thats all there is too it:)
    Goodbye, and Good Luck
  26. your never too old to learn something new :D
  27. I second that
  28. However, it is entirely possible to be to YOUNG to learn something. (stubborn)
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