8800GTX won't work Please help me!

I just purchased a new 8800gtx when I installed it and went to reboot all I get is a black screen. I deleted old drivers and updated bios before. So I was thinking too just put in my old video card. Well the same problem when I install it. I just get a black screen or no signal. I don't know what is wrong with it. I made sure that I was most gentle putting it in. Also I've been on the phone for 1 hour with tech support and they havn't picked up yet!!!!!! Anywho if you could help I would be most happy.
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  1. RMA it. It's probably no fault of your own. First check to make sure your settings, connections, etc are adequate and if that fails send it back.
  2. RMA it? What does that mean? I can't even use my computer with the old video card comes up with a black screen. God this sucks.
  3. you say you updated your bios... did the computer turn back on after you updated the bios? if you updated the bios, then put in the 8800gtx in there without checking, you most likely killed your bios. i honestly think that's what is wrong.

    if the bios does work, did you plug in the pci-e connectors to the 8800? (as in you need 2 of them, not just one). is your monitor plugged into the card header? if your monitor has multiple inputs, is it set to the correct one?
  4. Quote:
    I just purchased a new 8800gtx when I installed it and went to reboot all I get is a black screen.

    did you install your video card while your computer was still running? if so, shut it down first then install your video card.

    I deleted old drivers and updated bios before

    what bios did you update? your motherboards bios or the 8800gtx? (yes theres a bios update for the 8800gtx(evga that i know of)
  5. I updated bios 24 hours before I put the new video card in. Also I never put the new software in for the 8800gtx. The directions said to turn off pc, power down and put new one in. Now my computer won't work with old card or the new one. Also the bios is the right one, I have a icon on my computer that does a search for a new bios.
  6. What kind of PSU do you have? Is it strong enough for an 8800 GTX? If not you may have toasted it, that would explain why the machine wont POST even with the previous card. It's worth a look IMO.

    Also, did you reset the CMOS after flashing? :idea:
  7. Here is my power supply. Ultra X-Finity 600-Watt Titanium Computer Power Supply ULT31847, EPS 12V & ATX 12V 2.2, FlexForce Cables, SLI Ready, SATA. ds-dh Is this the problem? The computer turns on on lights, fan, hard drive. Could it still be screwed up?
  8. I did flash the cmos and still nothing.
  9. After flashing your CMOS did you boot the computer fully back up to make sure that it took the new Bios update?
  10. Quote:
    After flashing your CMOS did you boot the computer fully back up to make sure that it took the new Bios update?

    thats what i asked...

    i bet you he has an asus motherboard, used the flash utility that comes on the install disk, flashed his bios in windows, and fried the bios chip in the process. his problem is not the power supply, even though it does suck and an upgrade is recommended. my opinion is that he fried his bios, plain and simple.
  11. Yes i saw your post of asking the same question. But they never answered with a straight reply to it. They do say "I updated bios 24 hours before I put the new video card in." but they do not state if after the flash they try to use the computer or test to make sure the new BIOS flashed with success. And what do you mean by ICON you used to find your new bios? Who makes your motherboard?
  12. I meant did you reset the CMOS by clearing it with the jumper. Flashing the BIOS is not the same. When you flash the BIOS your actually over-writing the code on the chip with newer code. When you reset the BIOS you usually have to set a jumper near the battery on the system-board to clear configuration settings.
  13. I would treat this has a general troubleshooting problem. It is possible that during the removal and install of the new card that something else has come loose. Verify your 24pin power is connected. Verify your additional CPU power connector is connected to the board. Verify all your ram is seated properly. Reseat any additional PCI cards. If you still don't post, it could very well be a blown board. Just offering some suggestions before you replace it. I'd try another power supply if I could as well. Good luck.
  14. Well it actually turns out that I did not update the bios. My brother told me he did but when he actually didn't. I was like wtf! So I had the old bios in the computer. Anywho I do have a ASUS motherborad, and I did jumper it. Still I have no results. I think that I might take it to bestbuy to have them take a look at it if I can't fix it.
  15. I wouldn't rule out the PS just yet, I built a brand new system 680iSLI motherboard, SLI dominator memory, and 8800GTX and used the PC Power and Cooling 750Watt Silencer SLI certified PS based on the P & C's reputation for high quality power.

    I am pretty sure the PS is failing now since I can not upgrade the drivers without the Nvidia power sentinal kicking in and dropping the video into safe mode saying there is not enough power to the video. Both power plugs are plugged into the video card. It ran fine for several weeks but now when I try to go into 3D mode for apps or games, the computer locks up or reboots from black screen. It definitely appears to just not be providing enough power and I am only using one card let alone SLI.

    I have the PC on life support and have ordered a new 1Kw BFG quad SLI rated power supply from Newegg, should be in by end of week. Then I'm RMA'ing the old one out.
  16. I guess my only option is too take my computer to best buy and see if they can fix it.
  17. If i was you i would first do like several other users have suggested and check to make sure all wires are secure and in place and that nothing was knocked lose. It is possible during installation of the new card you could have knocked something lose or damaged something. If i was you i would first check to make sure all wires in place securely and tight. And what asus motherboard? if you want help you will need to be more specific such as model of it and the bios you were running at the time of installin the card.
  18. Quote:
    Anywho I do have a ASUS motherborad

    did i call that or what.

    first, double, triple and quadruple check all of the wire connections in and to your computer.

    dont bother taking it to best buy just yet. what model motherboard do you have? what is happening to you happened to me, so you either need to reset your cmos, or if that doesn't work, then call up asus and they'll ship you out a new bios chip. if the new bios chip doesn't work, THEN you should start thinking about taking it to best buy (but keep in mind, best buy charges a LOT and its by the hour)

    from what you said, heres what i think happened. SOMEONE flashed your bios and used the asus update utility that came on the disk (which allows you to flash the bios while in windows, and most of the time ends up destroying the chip). i honestly think your brother restarted the comp after he flashed the bios, noticed it didn't work after the flash, and just told you that he didn't so you wouldn't get mad.

    trust me...just call up asus tech support and they'll ship you out a new bios chip. the chip itself is free, and its like 20 dollars for overnight shipping, 6 or so for standard shipping. just try the new bios chip from asus (which comes with the latest bios update) and then go on from there (if all cables and wiring is done correctly and that wasn't the problem)

    better to just order the bios chip than take it to best buy right away. plus, even if it's not the bios chip (which i HIGHLY doubt isnt the problem) you'll have a spare bios chip just in case one does end up frying.

    everything you've said points to a bad bios.
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