Help please I need a network solution.

I currently have a PC downstairs which I connect to a router via an ethernet cable.

I have recently built my gf a pc which is to go upstairs. Now the router has a usb connection as well, so I could connect both pc's via the router. One through the usb the other through the ethernet port.

I have the router downstairs with my pc, and obviosuly I cannot connect the upstairs pc to this router, as you cant get USB wires that long. I cannot move the router in the middle of the pc's by the way the usb connection would still be too far away.

The question is this. Is their a device that I could plug into the usb port of the router and "transmit" the signal up to the pc upstairs?

I realise I could buy a wireless router and solve the problem this way, but this is not the ideal solution for my needs.
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  1. Hi there,

    I don't know whether you could get a wireless access point which could plugged into the router, but that would mean getting a wireless card for your PC upstairs.

    Depends on whether your fussed about wireless security? I would assume you router has more than one ethernet port on it? if it has, I would just make or buy a very long cross over cable and connect it to the PC upstairs.

    If you can't be hassled with that, then I would suggest using wireless networking, not much help probably :)

  2. Thanks for the reply :D

    Unfortunatley my router is just a chepo one provided from my ISP so it only has 1 ethernet port and 1 usb connection.

    Thinking about it the USB connection on the router appears to be a proprietary size too, much like the connections on printers.

    What I was thinking was more along the lines of a blue tooth device which I could plug into the router and up on the computer, making the connection that way. Or even something more rudimentary such as an infra red signal going from the router to the pc. In the same way a wirless mouse works for example.

    I guess i'm screwed anyway even if these devices exist I doubt that they would connect to the port.

    Guess I have two solutions:

    I could do the wirless thing or I could move both pcs into one room, but that would mean spending more time with the gf than necessary :P hmmm

    Thanks anyway Jesusislord :D
  3. I think you are calling a modem a router. If this is the case you can not use the usb and ethernet at the same time. You can connect a router or wireless router to thee eth port to expand your system. But shooting through floors are rough, particularly at angles.
  4. :D No its a router BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router. And I can connect two pcs to it, via the ethernet and usb port.
  5. You might try the Power over powelines. It does work gives a 10mbps speed, but will work most any where in your house. I have used them in homes that need service upstairs where the wireless could not reach. Most of the major make networking firms make them, they can be a little pricy.
  6. do you mean ethernet over powerlines?
    they work at either 14 or 85 mbps they also have a wireless version as well i'd just get 2 wireless cards and a wireless router/access point.
  7. Yep, But you will not get the 85mbps speed. Most all of the testing showed it wasn't close. But it does work.
  8. yea we use to use a 14mbps to access the internet from our rooms at our school. (it was a bording school). for internet they worked fine, download speed was at the norm. the only problem was when you used an extension cord, it adds interference and sometimes killed the connection which means that if you wanna use it, you need a socket at the wall.
    The only time which might take some time is when your transfering files. though its not any slower then wireless.
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