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I recently bought a laptop and im going to get an external hard drive tomorrow.

I'd like to install a application/program for use on both my laptop and desktop.

I had thought of copying the program's registry keys from the 1st system I install it on....but sometimes finding all the keys for a program can be time consuming (or is there any application that can do that?)

Desktop has XP sp2 and laptop has XP MCE sp2...Im assuming the registry is the same for both?

is there any easy solution for this?
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  1. Depending on the program I would just install it on both computers and save the documents to the external drive.
  2. While that is a reasonable idea and in most cases is practical...Lets say i have a game or program i want to take to work where i can't install on the PC...but i can add theset of registry keys to it's registry.

    Can i find a program to collect all keys related to a prgram easily?...or do i have to manually track down all keys?

    or will that still not work due to any reason?

    well after googling for awhile i did find this
  3. That actually looks like a pretty good program, I would be interested to know how well it works.
  4. after looking further into it it uses .ini files to set up the prgram, while not exactly setting new keys (which i wanted).

    But may prove useful for some programs to make portable...I'll try it out this week and let ya know what i tested with it.
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