BuffaloTechnology\'s LinkStation Pro: One Hot NAS!

Tim Higgins finds that Buffalo\'s lastest incarnation of its popular LinkStation NAS sets new performance highs.
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  1. I wonder when we'll begin to see offerings that work with NVidia's dual-gigabit technology, and probably a raid setup to maximize troughput for that connection.

    It could become as fast as in-case drives, to allow loading apps or playing games directly from it and not feeling any difference.
  2. Someday one of these companies is going to get serious about providing a storage device that is REALLY focused on storage capabilities. I mean, come on, including a GigE NIC is nice, but it would be a lot more useful if they also included the iSCSI protocol in that linux kernal.
  3. Must have more speed...... I'm sorry but I'm a DIY NAS snob. :P
  4. NAS without RAID is like a fast car without brakes.

    Yeah it works, but is driving it really worth the risk?

    Yeah, I know, you can back it up manually or whatever, but who really does that, and is it really that much better than just getting a simple RAID 1 NAS?

    I'd rather put together a junk RAID 1 box from an old computer than invest any amount of cash in a single-drive NAS solution... If I wanted performance, it would be SAS.
  5. Nothing was said about NFS support. Does it support NFS clients?
    all the machines around our place, Unix, Linux, Macs, and Windoze,
    speak NFS.
  6. Quote:
    Nothing was said about NFS support. Does it support NFS clients?
    all the machines around our place, Unix, Linux, Macs, and Windoze,
    speak NFS.

    No NFS support at this time.
  7. So it's a single drive (so no RAID), no NFS solution that voids your warrenty if you even open it to replace the drive...I don't like it as a NAS. Even though it has network support it's just a sophisticated external hard drive with a fancy web interface to me. Even though it is technically network attached storage, there should be some higher level of criteria I think before a product is marketed as a NAS.

    It's really no different to me than buying a cheap $300 HP desktop, putting it on the network and calling it a server. Sure, it can provide services as a server to some level, but to me, that's not a server.

    Just my opinion.
  8. Hi

    Can anyone recommend a simple 3.5" external 750 gb enclosure with an internal SATA 3 interface, USB 2 external interface, and a simple on/off switch? I don't need RAID yet.
    Must be able to format the drive in one big 750 gb partition using Win XP.

    Any 500 gb limits or BIOS updates necessary?

    I hope this is as easy as it should be.
  9. I am having a hard time finding these units online instock... anyone else have one yet?
  10. The Buffalo Linkstation Pros (LS-250GL) are just starting to show up as available on Pricegrabber, etc. It varies from week to week, I think there must have been some delays in shipping and/or high demand. Standard roll-out stuff. Buffalo appears to have tweaked the name a bit, also, last minute (was Linkstation II), which may have led to some confusion.

    What you might want to do is also search for some of the other models in the line:

    LS300GL (300GB)
    LS400GL (400GB)

    These seem to have a lot more sellers and stock right now than the LS250GL (and LS500GL), which must be popular.

    Observationally, the Linkstation Pro pricing points still seem a little high to me. Now, if they're selling out, that's the market, but they're pretty close on a $ (US) per Gigabyte, and for a single disk box, that's a tad high. Of course, you're paying right now for the performance, and the competition (Maxtor Fusion, for example, granted that's a RAID capable box) is somewhat higher right now. Still, we have other networking companies, like D-Link (see DNS-323) refreshing their offerings, and every sign then that the Buffalo is priced too high, long term. But for now, the market determines the price, and there's not a lot out yet that's forcing Buffalo down cheaper. That will probably change very shortly.

    Paul Jones
  11. I managed to track one of these down (250 gb version) and I really wished I hadn't.

    It was easy to set up, hooked into AD with no problems and the access is superbly fast. I am running some sync software over a DSL line for backup purposes and data access to a remote office which the punters seemed to like.

    The firmware is still initial release which carries a major flaw. If the power is switched off then it is liable to loose its settings. I have seen them loose the AD credentials which is a quick 5 min job to fix (just log in and re-input the credentials) but the this morning I saw one with the firmware wiped which was caused by a power outage at the weekend (it is sitting on a UPS but the main fuse tripped in the electrical cabinet). I then had the joyous task of speaking to their technical support

    Support Guy 1 - Very helpful, said that known problem with power and firmare, pointed me in the direction of the firmware reprogramming software (its here if you are interested www.buffalo-technology.com/linktheater/ls-gl_100-042.zip)

    Support Guy 2 - didn't have a clue what he was doing and every other word was "can I put you on hold" - Everybody has to learn so I can't hold that against him but when I'm paying 8.5p per min to get help with a problem Buffalo have created I expect the call to be as quick as possible)

    Support Guy 3 - Acted like a right arogant ***** and I got the impression that it was all my fault and I was going to burn for it (don't get me wrong I don't want the full on suit you sir customer relation but a simple please and thank-you wouldn't go a miss)

    Anyway rant over. The outcome was that they have declared that the Linkstation is a write-off. I have an RMA ticket to swap it for a new one. The main reason I went for the Linkstation was that I couldn't get hold of the Snap servers but now that Adaptec are putting stock out I have agreed with my IT supplier that i can return this for a refund and purchase a SNAP instead.

    To be fair I was really impressed with the Linkstation but I think it is too early in its life to use. If you still want one I would suggest that you wait for a new version of firmware to be released
  12. I have just received a LS Pro 250. I have worked through the initial setup easily enough using just a browser under Linux (ie no WinXP config tool). There is a problem and an irritation already:

    Problem: Makes a knocking noise about once every 1 - 2 s. Probably a hard disk seek. Anyone else had this? I presume it is a fault.

    Irritation: The onboard (as opposed to CD) info share has English and Japanese directories containing programs - only the Jap one has an online manual. Makes we wonder what else is missing ...
  13. My Linkstation Pro now clearly has a fault and I am returning it.

    This introduces a potential problem. There is no easy way of destroying the data on the disk, short of using a hammer which might stop me getting my money back. Fortunately I had only got as far as playing with the thing. This is not like a computer, where one has control over the secure delete program, or can remove the disk.

    Next time I'm going to get a BYOD device instead.
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