D975XBX debug mod

I am from Austria ( Vienna) so I already pologise about my english.
I have bought E6600 and intels bad axe motherboard and I have heard that E6600 is very good in OC.
My problem is that I cannot do the debug mod (little scared) like this...
Do I realy have to do that with Conductive pen or I can use somethig else?
And wnen I do that,how far I am from OC????
I hoppe that someone can help me abou my problem.
Thank you all!!!
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  1. If you can solder then I would just solder 2 leads into those solder filled wholes and you can then short the leads together. If you want a professional job them find a header block like the one below which is the Bios configuration jumper and solder that in. Then you can just find another jumper and use it to short Pins 2 and 3 together.

    I also believe if you boot the system with pins 2 and 3 shorted into Bios using anything conductive once you get into the Bios you should be able to unshort pins 2 and 3 and still get the extended overclocking features.
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