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I want to upgrade my old 8500 with another cheap AGP solution. The 2 major options are x1300 XT and x1650 Pro.
As far as I know, the difference between is minor and as my budget is limited, x1300XT will be decent.

But my concern is, most of the tests/previews done with x1300XT are with DDR3 rams. The only x1300XT I can find in my country is the Sapphire version of 256 MB of DDR2 Ram. The difference between this and x1650 Pro is 50$.

So, is DDR2/DDR3 difference very important, or is it ok to buy it even with DDR2 to save 50$?

Thanks for any replies!
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  1. yes, the difference will be surprisingly big because the x1650 will have its memory ddr3 clocked even higher, because it it the 2nd generation of that card (x**50), it will also support dongle-less crossfire(i think), use less power and have a more powerful core architecture, these are all small differences but all together they make a big impact, the extra $50 is well spent
  2. yes go for the X1650pro if you have the extra $50 because its a 2nd Generation card, also its a upper midrange card while the x1300xt is a lower mid-range.
    Also GDD3 VS DDR2 is quite a big difference look at the GF7300GT GDDR3 VS GF7300 GT DDR2
    you will see that the clock rates are different.
  3. Thank you for your replies!

    But I decided to do the following:
    Currently, the only game I am playing is WoW and for those who doesn`t know about the game, it is one of the least demanding games in the market. Even my 8500 is satisfying myself unless in crowded zones.

    I found a 9600XT and bought it. Yes, it is an ancient card but I think compared to 8500, it is a masterwork. Something like x1650 or 6600GT might be overkill, I thought..

    What I would like to know now is, is it really day and night comparing 8500 and 9600XT? My average FPS in the game is around 20+, will this card make it like 35+?
  4. yes actually the R9600XT is quite a nice card, my friend has a R9600pro and its still kicking and quite nicely i may add :)
  5. Quote:
    What I would like to know now is, is it really day and night comparing 8500 and 9600XT? My average FPS in the game is around 20+, will this card make it like 35+?

    We can't tell you without knowing the rest of your system specs, also you will probably have better luck posting your specs in a WoW forum and asking for the opinons of people with similar setups, just a thought.
  6. Thank you, neighbour :-)

    I wanted to hear this..

    Edit: to Fred

    Actually I know that you cannot give me an average FPS without knowing my spec but I just wanted to have a comparison. Like if 8500 does X, 9600XT would do around 1.5X or so..
    Thanks for your reply though
  7. Well i would say and this is pure guessing mind you , the card should show an increase of about 15 to 20 fps :)
  8. personal recommendation, i play wow i have a x1600pro, which is slightly over clocked, so ti is pretty much a x1650pro, i have everything maxed apart from AF and terrain distance and i am getting about 45 fps average, it think this card would be good for playing wow but definitely not overkill
  9. I just wanted to feedback my results..

    I was having 22 FPS on average with my 8500.
    After 9600XT, it rised to 40 FPS.

    Almost doubled, quite a great performance gain. But I couldn't resist to improve the settings. Most of them were already at max, but I changed 24 bit 1X Multisample to 24bit 6X multisaple. The quality improvement were amazing, but done the same test again, the FPS is now 20..

    Looks like I have to give up quality or quantity, but still. It is a big improvement
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