RAM for overclocking a 680i/e6600 now that nobody has micron

I'm putting together an nvidia 680i with an e6660 and intend to overclock it (how far, I'm not yet certain). I don't really want to spend the money for pc8500, so I'll be going for pc6400. I've been reading through a lot of stuff here, elsewhere on the net and at Newegg and am now thoroughly baffled.

All of the lines which had a positive history for overclocking (including in the Newegg customer reviews) now are filled with comments stating that "this doesn't overclock for crap now that they stopped using micron". This includes Corsair, G.Skill, Super Talent and even OCZ.

I'm not looking to set an overclocking record, but I do hope to boost the e6600 to, perhaps, 3.4ghz.

So, I have two questions:

First, what would you suggest I consider purchasing with respect to my above goal that would fit within the $200-$300 range for 2x1gb? (I'll be purchasing two sets for 4gb).

Second, why has everyone moved off of micron for any of their under-pc7200 lines?
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  1. Never EVER take a review on Newegg as fact. EVER.

    Manufacturers will specify what chips they use, and Newegg will sell them. Or not. Plain and simple. So find the manufacturer's product you want and order that, just make sure the ID code matches.

    There is a list of RAM around here somewhere (can't find it right now) and what chips they use. If you wanna spend a bit of money for GOOD RAM, then it's easy to find Micron D9's. Team Group, Xtreem PC-6400 has Micron D9-GMH, they are the bomb and won't break the bank. Crucial has some as well.

    Don't listen to Newegg reviews. Search the manufacturer's site, or ask around. But the Team Group stuff (NOT the new Dark Series though) has Micron.
  2. I suspect you're talking about this:


    Most of the generally available pc6400 seems to fall into the non-micron list as of now, unless I'm reading everything all wrong. The exceptions seem to be Kingston (for obvious reasons) and TeamGroup. I haven't found much information so far on how overclockable Kingston pc6400 is and I can't actually find any TeamGroup where I'm ordering from.

    I'll continue looking and see what I can find regarding Team Group from somewhere that can ship in the same timeframe as the rest of the system.
  3. Where are you ordering from?

    Crucial Ballistix 6400 has Microns, I haven't heard of them switching.
    Geil has one set, 6400 Ultra Plus.
    Cell Shock (harder to find though)
    Buffalo Firestick (CL4 stuff, I hear good things about them)

    TeamGroup is amazing stuff, top product, won't break the bank (depending where you are). Very good OCs with this stuff. International shipping from an online place?
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