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I was considering connecting the cable modem to my one nic, and my switch to the other nic, and sharing the internet that way, my question is if this setup will slow the computer with the two nic cards down, considering traffic from other computers sharing internet is mininal. The computer with the two nic cards would be mine. Is this better for me than just using the the switch directly connected to the modem? Thanks
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  1. You can not use the switch directly with the modem if you only have 1 public ip address. You can share but you computer will take a hit on performace. And I'm not sure how windows will handle the switch. Normally it only has one user. Invest in one of the cheap wired routers that were reviewed. less than $20. Plus you will gain a nat firewall.
  2. But wont a router hurt my gaming a little? I cant stand flaws
  3. Wire routers have no impact on gaming as long as it a good quality one. I know if you start internet sharing through your pc it will generate lags because your pc will be working as the traffic cop (router). If your wired users start causing problems jut pull their cable out. If you buy one of the newer router with QoS you can set priority for you games to use as much band width as needed.
  4. Yes, the quality ones with gigabit internet seem to be expensive, I have gigabit ethernet, should i get a gigabit router? Also, if I did do the internet sharing through my pc, I would only be bogged down when they used the internet right, no slowdowns otherwise?? Thanks again
  5. The gigabit routers will not help you while playing games or going out on the web. Only if you transfer files between 2 pc that have it. So you can go with one of the cheap routers that was resently tested.

    If no one is on line when you are playing a game there will be no impact.

    Security wise, the router would be better due to the nat. You would just need to set it up to open up the ports that the games require.
  6. "If no one is on line when you are playing a game there will be no impact"

    Did this comment apply to both using the router or using my computer to share? Also the router i am now considering is the Airlink 101 AR504. It does very well in lan to wan and wan lan. However in max throughput it is just above average. Also it is only capable of 64 simultaneous connects. Should this be of concern to an gamer/web enthusiast?

    Finally I have and older linksys BEFSR41 router, will the airlink AR504 be an improvement for games? (keep in mind I dont need to talk to other comps on my network. You have been very helpful so far thx!
  7. Looks like the airlink is 3-4 times as fast as the linksys.

    The only time you will notice any lag is if someone is doing a big download. I dough there will be any during normal surfing and email.

    You did not mention how fast your ISP is. If it is lower the 2mbps you may have some lags. Any way you go. If you you can just have them get off line when you are playing. This will apply weather you go through a router or not.

    The setup will be easier with a the router.
  8. I get about 4000k/s downstream and just over 380k/s up. I am now considering two options.

    1. Using my pc for internet connect sharing, so the internet would go from modem to my computer to a switch. Do I understand correctly that there would be no performance decrease in this setup when other users aren't on web?

    2. My second option is to run a linux router on an old machine, so the web goes from modem, to the linux router, to the link, and then to all the comps. Would this be faster than any normal priced router? Would this add latency in games? Thanks!
  9. Your speed are typical of most services.

    Question 1, You are correct on your assumption. But if they hive there pc's on you will take a hit. You may need to kill ICS.

    Builing your own router/firewall will work, but speed is unknown.

    I would go with the router, fewer problems in the long run.
  10. So you're saying that if I do ICS, just having their pcs on, even if they arent using internet, will slow me down?
  11. If you ever do any packing sniffing. Most every program installed with MS being the biggest cuprit constantly check for updates. Then if any adware/spyware or virus makes it in then it gets real busy.
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