Is it a good time to upgrade my gfx card?

The card I'm interested in is the 8800GTS.I am also getting a E6400,2Gbs of RAM and a new mobo.There are a few games that I would like to play but I cant(like Rainbow 6 Vegas) because my X800 sucks :(.Is it a good time for an upgrade or I will regret it when a better card comes out(8900,R600 and so on)and the prices will drop?Is the 8800GTS going to last and is it going to be enough for games like crysis,UT2007?
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  1. If you have the $, that wouldn't be a bad upgrade right now. R600 is supposed to be out march at the earliest, but I wouldn't expect prices to go down for a while. We all have to take the plunge eventually. I personally am waiting for R600 to come out before making the jump to DX10, but I'm also not in a HUGE rush to upgrade everything else. If you're upgrading now, the 8800GTS IMO would a good buy. It'll definitely play Crysis, and UT2007. All of the early Crysis gameplay demos were run using a single X1900XT, and they looked awesome.
  2. "that wouldn't be a bad upgrade right now"
    This is what I am talking about.I mean,I am ready to spent a fortune and all I am getting is just a decent system?That sucks.
  3. OK let me rephrase that. The 8800GTS is an awesome card, you won't be disappointed, and that set-up would be more than decent. Is it ever a good time to upgrade? The answer to that is really up to you. Just like I said in my first reply...If you've got the money, and are ready to upgrade now, go for it. I personally am waiting for R600 because I won't be ready to upgrade until early summer. Everyone's situation is different. I don't expect prices to go down for a while, and when they do there will most likely be something else available that will have you wondering if you should just wait for those prices to go down.
  4. In the computer industry, especially now, it seems like it is never a good time to upgrade. There is always something to wait for. Most people will tell you to wait till March right now for R600. Which is probably the wisest move.

    On the contrary, I myself just purchased an EVGA 8800GTS and can't wait to receive it along with the new system I'm building. The wise move is to wait till March, but I am buying a new 20.1" widescreen and wanted a more powerful graphics card then my plain X800 128MB card. The card will be awesome, no doubt, but it may end up on the losing end of the DX10 first-gen card gamble. That's not to say it won't be a great card, but the R600's may be even much greater, or at least drop the 8800 series prices some.

    Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my extra month or two (or more if stock is limited in March), and move on. The E4300 looks like it will be easy to OC and its price just dropped $10 at zipzoomfly, which along with my failing pc, is enough reason for me to do it all now. I'm sure in March there will be some new nvidia to wait a month or so on anyway.
  5. no
  6. I concurr with both statements KaoTao made... Software Does not move as fast as hardware. The 8800GTS will smash any game out and any game coming out in 2007.

    On the other hand... if you do decide to wait... and option to purchase a lesser card now might be a good idea. The X1900 or X1950pro will do the job, and only run you about $150 with your current computer.(as long as its not AGP)

    So I think your choices are really to wait or not. If you wait then save up for the latest. Buy an X1900 or X1950pro for the next 6 to 8 months for $150.


    Buy a whole new system - E6400, good RAM, and a good Board... along with the other stuff like HDDs, Power supply for the extra power draw you will have, and of course the Vid Card - which just may be the R600 if you can afford it.
  7. My personal opinion is that the BEST idea is to wait until the R600 comes out for several reasons: first the R600 may offer better bang-for-the-buck then the 8800 series, second the drivers will be more mature for the 8800 series by then so you will miss the teething issues (hopefully), third the prices will not likely go anywhere but down.

    That being said I don't think you will go wrong with an 8800GTS.
  8. Defo wait....

    there is no Dx10 games till 2nd half of 2007 this rate....

    R600 & the G8xxx refreshes are due in the next couple of months, then we willl get a roundup of all the Dx10 cards available, then choose a vfm card from that lot, dont jump now 'cause there is a lot happening soon

    (i jumped quickly from x700pro to a x850xt & am now running a 1900xt in the space of 18months, I am NOT buying another card until there is a damn good reason why )
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