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Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've checked in, but I think I have come across some interesting info for the community--if I'm right. Here goes.

I am running two (2) Patriot TORQX 64GB SSD's in RAID 0 on my Gigabyte EX58-UD5 MoBo. I know you are not supposed to defrag an SSD, so I was curious as to how you WOULD keep them cleaned-up, etc as time went on. Then I come across this "WIPE" utility that is supposed to be supported in Windows 7 OS for SSD's---providing your SSD has this capability. A quick check with Patriot & I find it is on the "TORQX" models only, but you still have to run a Firmware update on them first. Trust me on this one--you don't want to know how involved getting this whole zipped PDF thing & then the "jumper" thing is to work. Even if you ARE successful with all that, you have to break up your RAID array first and then the "wipe" utility will only work on individual H D's. If you put them back into a RAID configuration it will wipe out the RAID drivers you have installed yo operate the RAID array in the first place !! Now--I understand that sometimes; " it is what it is " applies, but gee whiz--I believe a lot of us buy these things TO put them into RAID 0. If I'm off the mark here--please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. Well, you can help us verify your findings by listing how you were able to access the feature?
  2. I downloaded the ISO File for the "Wipe" program from the Gigabyte / Support/ North America site, & then burned the ISO file into a working utility on my PC

    The two (2) Firmware Updates I downloaded from the Patriot / Support website in California . Keep in find that there are actually four (4) Files to download. Two are the actual instructions on how to run the other two programs on your SSD hard drives.

    The reason I had to go to the Gigabyte website is because even though my MoBo (EX58-UD5) is supposed to include this utility on the accompanying CD---mine did not have this feature on the CD. The required Firmware updates on the SSD's themselves, I came across quite by accident while browsing the internet, Google, etc. trying to find the "Wiping Program".

    So, as I stated in my original post----as I understand it-----the SSD's need to be configured with the Patriot Firmware Updates, first, and then the Gigabyte utililty can be run against them, but only as single hard drives or JBOD's, etc.
  3. Patriot also has a simular Program - Patriot.exe. Same method to run. Luckly mine is installed on a laptop, and not in raid mode. You have to place the dot exe in the Root directory and can run it from windows. Sure do hope they fix the "Raid" problem as I also have one in my desktop, but used ahci mode. Would have like to stick my WD blacks in raid 0.
  4. Hi there RetiredChief, nice to make your acquaintance ( retired Master/Air Force ). I hear you about your laptop & as far as I can see, you shouldn't have any problem with the one SSD HD. I myself only run a desktop system. The really, really neat thing about the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Motherboard is that this little puppy actually has separate banks of SATA ports which are controlled by two different RAID controllers. I've got the two SSD's being run in Raid 0 & controlled by the Intel Raid controller & two WD Velociraptors ( 300GB / 300CB ) running in Raid 0 & controlled by the Gigabyte / JM Micron controller. This gives me wicked fast access times for my O S & ditto for all my other storage functions (Apps, Photos, etc.). Nice to hear from ya.
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