Msi 975x Pla. wich good cpu temp

I know ive been paranoia those day with my cpu temperature and my buddy cpu temp. I have a MSI 975x Platium Power up Edition there the temp i got from diff software. And Smart Fan in bios is Disabled.

Speedfan Beta: Idle : 52-52c
Load : 60-62c

Msi Dual Core Center : Idle: 38c
Load: 42-43c

In the Bios Hardware monitoring: Idle : 37-39c
Load: 44c

I had a Asus P5SLI 570nforce and the temp were at 50c idle, but the board died after a failed bios update crap, so i got the msi one. And my friend have a p5sli also and is temp are 50c idle and 57c load. I have the intel stock Cpu fan. I was thinking that 60c is pretty high but that is a beta software but i dunno wich one is good and 38c is pretty low for stock fan ? Also i have a E6300 Core 2 Duo stock.
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  1. Download a program called Core Temp. It's a little Utility that many people uses to check CPU temps.

    My E6600 Oc'ed to 3.0GHz has an idle temp of 39C and full load temp of 55C. I too have the MSI 975X Platinum mobo, and I am using the Scythe Ninja HSF.

    Core Temp and Intel TAT (Intel Thermal Analysis Tool) are the two de facto standard utilities used by most people to get accurate CPU temps.
  2. Downloaded Core temp and now it worked, because i had it before but it showed me : -90c that was impossible,i guess i had a older version or something. With the new version its : Idle: 48-50 and Load: 63c . I guess that is more resonable but why there is a 10c factor with the bios monitor and Msi tool.
  3. Because there are different methods of measuring temperatures. Also BIOS measurements are notorious for being inaccurate.

    I'm surprised MSI Tools works for you. MSI's utilities for the 975x Platinum gave lots of people headaches, including myself.
  4. Yes me too i had error when i installed but i figure that the Microsoft Frame network 2.0 was corrupt or something so i uninstall and download net framework 2.0 ( ) Then i reinstalled it and worked fine. But anyway i think im just gonna get a new cpu cooler, like the Big Typhon or Artic Freeze 7 Pro and maybe overlclock my proc later cuz i dont need much power right now my videocard is shit until 8800 price drop. And question like that, what ram are you using ? Because i use ddr800 and i can only go to 667 mode.
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