I know the cause of my problem, but how do i fix?

Linksys WRT54GS 802.11b/g
New Thinkpad with built in 802.11A/B/G Wireless
Tivo with NetGear MA1111 802.11b

For several weeks now I get no reception in my house, not even 3 feet from my router. I tried differnt channels, 1-10 have zero chance of success. Channel 11 has about a 40% change of connecting and a 5% chance of staying connected longer than 10 minutes. I decided to start to investigate by putting my router in my car and my laptop and drive around the neighborhood. I figured out that as long as i am 300 feet from a certian house my setup works fine. Moving closer to this house kills my connection, even when router and laptop are 3 ft apart. The home owner has 2.4ghz cameras that have a reciever on his tv so he can check on his babies without having to run upstairs every time they make a sound. I asked if he could turn them off for 20 minutes. After testing, internet is perfect again, 20 minutes later he turns them back on and my internet dies. Our houses are only about 75 feet apart.

The cameras he uses:
the cameras have 3 channel settings, he has 3 cameras, one on each channel.

Will a differnt brand router help? I do have a ASUS P5W DH mobo that has built in access point. It doesn't seem any better than the wrt54gs.

I have a neighbor next door that has a Netgear b only router and he says his works fine. Of course i don't know his def of the word "fine", but i have to assume it is better than my network, as mine is impossible to connect.

Is there anything I can do? The card in my laptop is 11a Athros compatiable. Should i start looking for a Neatgear a/g router?
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  1. Moving to 11a would move you away from the 2.4ghz bandwidth.

    It's odd that he is that far away and causing problem with your system. Makes me wonder if he's added extra power or high gain antennas to his system.

    If you were to move over to one of the MIMO Chanel Bonding or the pre11g wireless systems, It could knock his down. I don't recommend them , but in this case it would be justified.


    You could get some High Gain Antennas for your curent system.

    Here is a link if you want to put a amp on your system so you can get over his. http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/24ghz_amplifiers.php
  2. Thanks for the advice Blue68f100.

    Just to let you know, his cameras appear to be box stock(we are nieghbors, when i discovered the problem i went over and looked at them, and he does not seem like the type that would even know how to do that.

    the MIMO Chanel Bonding you speak of that would out power him.....exactly what would i need to do this? would i have to have a new AccessPoint/Router and a wireless laptop card? Or will the built in wireless of the laptop work just fine with this system?

    I have had the hi gain antenna's for my system for about a year now, they are not doing enough to eliminate this problem.
  3. The MIMO would require buying new hardware Router, clinet hardware to. It;s required to be on both end for it to work, other wise it's just another 11g or 11n product.

    If you current system has the small short antennas. It will cheaper to upgrade them than buy all new hardware. There are some 5 and 7dbi gain antennas on the market to replace you factory 2.
  4. well i have a solution for you, but i don't know how happy you are going to be with it.

    A high gain directional antenna. And i don't mean the store bought high gain...

    this is what you'd need:


    you may need an smi to bnc adapter to get it to work with your PC, but that has to be pointed perfectly to your tivo or laptop

    i'll think about this problem some more the next time i have go to to the shi**er...i'll have a better idea in a few hours hahahhaaha.
  5. okay i think it's come down to:

    sell your WRT54GS on ebay, buy an 802.11a router

    now your laptop is working.

    you're computer still has the wireless AP though (through the P5W), use THAT to send to your tivo, cause really the tivo hardly needs a good connection unless you listen to the radio and all that other garbage on there and now you're all set and you didn't even have to spend more than say $20 :)

    btw, when i get back to the office on friday i'm going to flip through my radiation physics text and see if i can come up with some sort of material layering technique we could use that you could put outside your house to block his 2.4 ghz spectrum from entering yours, but i think you're pretty SOL on that if we use any legal (non-radiative) materials lol.
  6. tell your neighbor to either get rid of the cameras or you will build a 20FT tall aluminum foil fence on the property line :D (and you'll break into his house and pee on his valuables)
    no no ....hmmm

    802.11a router

    highgain Antenna

    you might try new antennas ch11 and maybe lowering the Fragmentation Threshold in the wireless settings.

    those cameras must really be abusing the the spirit of the FCC regs for 2.4GHz devices to be hosing you that bad.

    can you move the router to another spot in your house ? if so does that have any effect?
  7. I ended up just buying an 802.11a router and and a 802.11a Dlink game adapter. The Athros 11a works like a charm. Thanks for the help.
  8. Man i wish my router could stomp on a network that hard on 12V 120mA or so the camera specs save and could run on 5AA batts.

    Geez my linksys router consumes something like 24V @ 4A and doesn't hurt that hard.

    Of course it could be the camera use the whole 2.4 spectrum and an unusual freq hopping if any.
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