PLZ help friends! I need a network over the net for gaming !

Hi Guys,

I'm finishing my first build this weekend, and would really like to setup a network game in Far Cry with a friend of mine overseas. We tried a few weeks back, but couldnt get it right. Now that I have my new machine, I have just got to get this sorted out! Problem is, I'm not sure where to start. I dont want to use an online service and pay for it or anything like that. I just want to be able to get into the game, click on multiplayer, create a game, see his name pop up, add him to my game, and click start, and shoot the %$^@&*% out of each other with NO LAGGING and no hitches. PLEASE HELP!

1) So how do I go about this? Do you create a VPN? Do you somewhere just add his IP address in the game? Do you setup one PC as a server?
2) Whats the best method/setup for fast gameplay?
3) I want to be able to talk to him too while we fight. How do I do this?

I have cable and he has a fast connection. I think we had a 8ms ping last time we tried. THANKS! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Much appreciated.
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  1. Well I never played Farcry multiplayer and I don't have the game right now so I can try to give you some help from my past experiences with multiplayer games. If it does give you an option to type in his IP address for a direct connect that would be easy, but I don't know how often they let you do that on these type of games. The server method is probably the easiest, just set up the computer that is the fastest and/or the one with the best connection to be the server host and then have the other person join. It should let you password the server if you only want him to join.

    You could try to get into the same server and play with other people, most of these games come with their own multiplayer design included so you shouldn't have to pay to use the servers. But finding the same server to join can be a little more messy. I hope I've helped you.

    Have you tried FEAR, they just released the multiplayer client for free so you guys could play on that together.
  2. I'll be getting FEAR shortly. How do you create your own gaming server? I have the better PC and connection, so I should create it and let him join (for Far Cry and BF2 and anything else right?)

    Please let me know how to create your own game server. I'm having a real hard time getting info on this.
  3. If you just have someone's IP address, does that work?
  4. You should be able to create/host a server in the multiplayer menu and then he should be able to join. At least thats my understand of how it works. I don't know about the IP address connection.
  5. This is over the net though, so for him even to see the game I've created, he has to get on my network. How do we do this?
  6. Once you've created the server he should just be able to connect to the server list ingame and see you.
  7. I'll need to look into this. Not sure how that works. It is an older game. have you tried Hamachi?
  8. I've never used hamachi. I've never needed to create a network like that so I really don't know how to help you with that.
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