new GA-965P-S3 system won't POST

I just finished assembling my new PC tonight and I can not get it to POST. When the power is turned on all fans (CPU, case, video, etc.) all come on. The DVD drive activity light comes on and stays on. (There is nothing in the drive.) The lights on the keyboard, which normally flash on power-up do not do so. The monitor light remains amber. Here are the components:

Corsair XMS DDR2-800 5-5-5-15 (1.9v) 2x512MB
Core 2 Duo E6400
ATI Radeon X700 Pro
WD Caviar SE16 WD2500KS
Sound Blaster Live PCI
Pioneer DVD drive

The only thing I can think of is that some older BIOS versions of this board have issues booting with RAM anything other than 1.8v. But that was supposedly resolved in a previous BIOS update. The thing is, I can't even find out what BIOS version I have since I can't get it to POST.

Any ideas?
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  1. I've had this before with something as simple as a floppy cable the wrong way round.

    Remove as much as you can i.e dvd/cd drives, floppy, 1 stick of memory, sound card and try again. I'm sure it should be fairly easy to find what the problem is you just have to try and try.

    Most problems regarding unsteated components wont go as far as you have it, they simply error beep so i dont think it's that. Other than that the memory issue is possible...maybe try and borrow a generic stick from someone one, flash if necessary and raise the mem voltage by 0.2V, shut down and install your own back.
  2. The ODD light remaining on usually indicates a power problem to the drive... are you sure you put the IDE connector in the right way around?

    I'd suggest unplugging all components except for CPU, RAM and video card. This is the minimum required to post. You didn't mention any beeps... Make sure you've got a speaker attached.

    If it still won't post, take it one step at a time... CPU first, then add one stick of ram, then the video card (make sure to connect the PCIe power connector if the card has one) then a hard drive... Using this method and monitoring bee-codes with each change, you can usually figure out if there's some dodgy hardware.
  3. Removed everything except CPU and video card. No POST, no beeps. So it is either the CPU or mobo.
  4. Take the processor out and check each pin on the socket. Perhaps one of the pins is bent? I saw another thread where a system wouldn't boot and it turned out to be a bent pin.
  5. hi. there is one problem with ddr2 with infineon chip aka fatbodies(it looks like the chip on ddr1) and s3 mobo from have corsair witch use a lot infineon chip.try with anthoner ddr.also reset your bios before power up.
  6. its begining to look like this is a real problem with gigabyte mobos, i suggest you get an RMA i have a very similatr problem and i will probably end up getting an RMA,as suggested by the people at the gigabyte help center thingie
  7. Is the speaker not giving a beep code? That would give you some kind of idea what is going on.
  8. if he has the same problem i did then it doesnt beep at all
  9. This is WAY off base for possible solution. I only mention it cause it happened to me just 2 days ago.

    Built brand new:

    Giga 965P-s3
    1gig kingston 667
    WD 250gig KS SATA

    So I put everything together...cross my fingers and hit the power button. Nothing looked wrong but I was just not getting anything to come up. Single beep etc etc.

    Turns out my monitor was too old. (didn't know that was possible)
    Even with the vga adapter it couldnt deal with the signal.
    So immediately went to a viewsonic lcd.

    And poof...everything was good.

    Again I only mention it....cause you didnt say what monitor...and it just happened to me.

    Edited to include HDD
  10. I've made a new PC with the GigaByte S3, when I power it up the screen comes on giving me that energy save screen, I get a beep, next screen it goes through various devices on the screen, and then nothing. My keyboard and mouse are also not powering on. I thought you just had to stick in the windows XP disk to start the install? Any help appreciated.
  11. Try one DIMM at a time, maybe one stick is bad, sometimes the system wont boot in dual channel mode right off the bat.
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