p5b with ddr2 1066?

i'm just wondering, i'm getting a p5b deluxe, and wondering what ddr2 1066 would do i you put them together? the asus site says that the board is compatible up to ddr2 800, but further down it says its compatible with the kingston 1066? it should work (i think) because the fsb isn't more than the mhz on the ram?

also what would happen if you put ram that had a faster speed than the fsb on the motherboard? would this get you a better overclock or i dunno

:P fairly new to this stuff...
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  1. i'm pretyy new to, but it would help if we knew what processor you were going with then you could see weither it would be more cost effective to go with 667 / 800 / or even 1066 which i doubt you'll need if your running a 1:1 ration
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