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i have just added my second 8800 gts for sli and it shows both working but my 3d mark score stayed the same (8800- 8900).now that seemed funny so i thought i had a psu issue and put in a new silverstone 750 watt psu and its still the same.ive noticed 2 things,the card i had in 1st seems to idle around 45-47 and the other 2nd card is about 67.this is odd because i put this in an antec 900 case with a fan blowing on both.i also noticed that 1st card would overclock very easily to 600 and 900 but i stopped there.now with both cards in if i use ntune and hit "find optimal" it re-boots system.also if i slide the memory bus slider at all it re-boots but it lets me move core bus a little before re-booting.do you guys think my card is bad?or have any suggestions?sorry for the long post but im hoping to figure this out soon

i also put in a new seagate 750 gb hd and re-installed windows with latest drivers if that helps,it didnt help me with this problem
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  1. Have you tried each card by itself to see if they perform the same? Have you also enabled SLI monitoring to ensure its working correctly? Please start a support ticket at www.xfxforce.com and PM me the ticket number.

    XFX Support
  2. I was hoping you saw my post and could help me.i know the card in the top slot works fine,so i was planning on switching them out after work and trying just the # 2 card in top slot.if it doesn't work i'll start a ticket and get back to you. thanks
  3. Sounds good. Keep us informed on the testing results.

    XFX Support
  4. ok its late and im tired but heres an update. i took out 2nd card and ran #1 card in 3d mark and scores 8185 & 8259.i then switched to the # 2 card by itself and ran once scored 8211.everything seemed fine so i put #1 card in lower slot and #2 card in top slot and ran 3 dmark 06 again and scored 6749 and i about lost it.i set it up 2 more times and it scored 8082 and 8095.now this blows me away because i score higher with 1 card.i notice that when it starts proxycon my fps is in 60's and suddenly drops to 20's and sometimes high teens.
    i also ran some games with sli monitoring graph going and in far cry it goes almost all the way to top&bottom of screen,in splinter cell chaos theory its halfway up and down. (seems normal )when i put it on split frame rendoring (sfr) the line starts in middle like it should but then goes almost all the way to the top of screen which is not right .
    i also noticed that my cards show 513 core and 792 mem which seems low and in 3d mark 06 it shows as 108/297

    ps i think original scores in 1st post were a little higher since i had a different driver for cards,but im now more confused than ever about whats going on.could the cards be throttling down? temps dont get above 70 celcius
  5. What driver version and OS are you using? If I am not mistaken you also need to connect four pin molex connector to some of the Asus A8N motherboards when running SLI, if so have you done this? Did you start a support ticket?

    XFX Support
  6. ur processor is gonna bottleneck those cards hard
  7. i have windows xp pro sp2 with latest updates and driver 97.92.i scored the highest scores with 97.44 drivers installed.i have all the power plugs hooked up right to mboard and cards.in my quest to fix this i unhooked my new hard drive and plugged my 2 old ones up in raid 0.i rebooted the computer to test again and ran 3 d mark 06 like this and scored 9758,which is my highest score yet.this is win xp pro and driver 97.44.
    is this score close to what it should be or am i still off the mark? also i did not start a support ticket yet thinking that i would wait to be sure i have a card problem first.

    also in reply to syncroniz 3
    i saw some tests that say that it will bottleneck compared to intel core2 but its not that much,just lower frame rates.i know to realize full potential of cards i need a faster (core 2 extreme) but it should still run pretty fast
  8. oh you'll definatly still get good performance but w/e u can always upgrade ur cpu down the road
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