P180 + P5B Deluxe front panel audio not working

I'm running Vista also. I just can't get the bloody headphone jack to work on this case. I've hooked up the board with the digital connector (not the individual hookups) and it just doesn't seem to want to work. Everything else works, like the front firewire/usb ports.
Help appreciated.
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  1. I guess you are not using a sound card.
    If you are using a sound card you should connect to the port on the speakers.
    Turn on onboard sound in the bios.
    Connect the front panel audio connector to the motherboard.
    Alternately connect to the port on the speakers. It will give you volume control also.
  2. same here. when i had my p180, the front usb's stop working. i emailed antec's tech support, they quickly, and i mean quickly, shipped me out another front panel pod. i didn't have to send the old one in.

    to me antec has great customer service. i hate their power supplies, but everything else about them seem fantastic. my advice...contact tech support for a replacement pod. even if the case is out of warranty the do not cost a whole lot. stay away from antec heone power supplies...they suck.
  3. Quote:
    I was no awair the P180 had digital audio inputs on the front. As far as i knew it only has a mic and headphone jack. For those to work you have to use those indivigual connectors. Even if it had digital audio conector on the front it wouldn't be running through the standard headphone jack. Headphones are anolog they will not work with a digital signal.

    It's called a Intel standard audio connector or something.
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