Damsel in Distress!!! (Over WiFi Routers) :(

Hey Guys, I'm using my 14 year old tech whiz cousin's forumz account - I'm no tech geek, more like a valley girl :). Anyway, I'm currently in the need for a wifi network for my house, and I have one gaming rig (2000$, he built it for me), and my parent's laptops (2). We have a two-story house, the cable modem is in my room(upstairs). I was thinking of connecting either a:



D-Link DI-634M

to it. My budget is around 50$ - 90$, and I'm looking for a quality router. - My first priority is speed, than range - nothing over 50 feet for us :).
Which one should be better for us, and is there any other router out there that is better?

I also use p2p programs (BitTorrent, etc).


Cha Cha, guys XD
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  1. The D-link is a good choice. Most any will go 50' provided there are not to many walls.
  2. How much better is the D-LInk Gaming router than it?
  3. Let me take a step back. I did not relize the dlink was a MIMO .

    I DO NOT RECOMEND ANY MIMO OR PRE 11N PRODUCTS. Because they don't play well with other. 11n products are a waste of money. Any product using chanel bonding causes problem with other networks. LARGE Packets are OK if it only uses 1 chanel.

    Toms router table listed the d link above the buffalo. But also like the buffalo.

    The Buffalo gives you QoS and band width control. Which may be of use to you.

    If you are using the built end wireless on the LT, MIMO and 11n products do not work, and is only a waste of money. Will require a external card to take advantage of these. And in most cases do not work with any others.

    Playing games on a wireless will present lags, not good. ON FP games use a wired connection.
  4. I'd recommend sticking with something simple. Go to wal-mart and buy a Linksys or D-Link or whatever they have. As Blue recommended, stay away from MIMO, Pre-N, etc. Since your gaming rig is in the same room as the modem, hardwire it to the router. Unless your parents are doing something crazy intensive like BitTorrent (unlikely!) on their laptops, they'll be just fine with a plain jane router.

    As far as the gaming router is concerned, honestly I've never used one. I don't see how it would make much difference since gaming is extremely low bandwidth. Unless you were running lots of other network apps in the background and you needed to implement some type of packet scheduling to prioritize your game traffic...

    Realistically though, that's probably just adding unnecessary complexity and headache...
  5. Can I connect my modem to my gaming computer, and then connect the router to my modem, so my rig uses wired, and my parents use wifi?
  6. Buy a router with wired ports (most have a built in 4 port switch on the LAN side)

    You then plug the router into the modem, then you parent will use wireless, and you can plug your gaming box directly into one of the LAN ports.
  7. So do the D-Link and Buffalo above have what you said?

    -So, my game computer plugs into the wifi router, even though its wifi, and the two laptops get wifi signal, and the modem goes inyo the wifirouter, and into the wall - correct?

    Thanks XD

    PS Nothing plugs into modem except router?
  8. D-Link 635; See:

    This is a shot from D-link website, There are 4 ports on the left side (with blue)... Those are the LAN ports, your game PC would connect here.

    The lone port on the right side is the WAN port, It connects to the modem.

    Nuff said :)
  9. thanks guys

    now not so much a noob:)
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