memory settings on an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

I am trying to 'tune' the settings of my memory on this board.
see sig below.

CPU-z has my 'spd' as c4 timings
CPU-z has my'memory' at c5 timings

FSB is at 333
Memory freq is set at DDR2 800
FSB: Memory ratio is at 4:5

The ASUS mobo has the following settings for performance
Auto, Standard or Turbo

Cannot find any place in the bios to set the timings to c4 rather than c5

Another question,
would it be faster to have a 1:1 FSB: mem ratio
and c3 timings?

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  1. Memory timings are in the chipset info. Same page of BIOS screen but down in second group. As far as timings, you would have to benchmark both 1:1 c3 and 4:5 c4 to see which is faster. You may need to throw a lil extra voltage at your memory to get it stable, if it likes it.
  2. Thanks

    I will give that a try.
    I have already set the mem voltage at 2.1v per Corsair specs
  3. whats the max they will warranty on the memory?
  4. I think it is 2.1v
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