What Do you think About XPS 410?

I'm currently looking to buy the setup on the CNET link below.. has a E6600 Intel Duo 2, 2 GB DDR 2 ram, 1066 FSB... I intend to put my own Geforce 7600 GT in it and add a 320 SATA drive as well...

this is to upgrade me from my current 3.6 ghz P4 HT, 1 GB RAM, 800 FSB

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  1. Is the 7600Gt outa your old rig? Itll be a huge bottleneck for the Core 2. You might consider an upgrade in the GPU area, which would also mean a upgrade for the GPU(like mpilchfamily said), which......means do a bit of reasearch, and build your own rig. Youll be much happier with the preformance i think. If you must go with Dell, good luck!

    What do you use your PC for?
  2. I see no problem with it, but just expect to buy another system when it becomes outdated. I do this personally, because I have no interest in doing all of the research any more. I have other things that are more of a priority. If you need a better power supply, check PC Power & Cooling:

  3. My first two computers were Dell, back when I knew nothing about pc's. I thought Dell was good because my computers worked without many problems. Then I educated myself. I don't even consider Dell anymore, for anything. There are much better options available at much better prices. Dell uses low end components for everything, even their so-called high end gaming machine. And their prices are ridiculously high.

    If you want a gaming machine, I'd recommend finding a smaller, hungrier, non-behemoth company to buy from.
  4. hey guys.. well, I ended up getting the XPS 410 and love it...

    This is the easiest computer I've ever had to upgrade and add stuff.

    The case is especially huge and has ton of room for what I needed to put in it.

    It's a very quiet system as well..

    My only complaint with this kind of "prebuilt" computer as well as others is just the massive amount of useless stuff they throw in it. I have pretty much removed a lot of it and surely saved some memory/space/CPU drainage.. Other then that, I love and it is noticeably faster then my previous 3.6 PC.

    I did add another gig of RAM to it, bought some A-Data 667 mhz ram, got some really good ratings and was $40 cheaper then the 1 GB upgrade Dell was offering
  5. As long as your happy with the preformance delivered....that is ALL that matters.
  6. Quote:
    As long as your happy with the preformance delivered....that is ALL that matters.

    Well, for everday use, it runs circles around my previous setup and love that.. Not sure if my GPU is up for the Supreme Commander game I'm getting, but from what I'm hearing, I should be fine..

    one nice thing about getting the Dell Xps 410 is that I got a free upgrade to Vista Premium.. woo
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