P4M800PRO-M V2.0. Does not recognize video in Device Manager

Boots up with an XFX6200 256 MB AGP Video Card.
Installed Windows XP Pro.
Does not recognize any Video Device in DM
Can't install drivers
Took out Video Card and booted and installed Windows XP from onboard Video.
Does not recognize any Video device in DM
Can't install drivers
CPU is P4 3.06/533 (775) 524
Memory is generic 512/400
Power Supply is generic 24-Pin
HD is 80 GB WD
Any suggestions?
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  1. I know I had similar prob. and my solution was to go to bios and somewhere there is IRQ settings letting mobo irq the vga (enabled) you simply need to find this and disable. I was not able to install the drivers for my ati either. The driver install told me no aplicable card found; until I did this bios change.
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