Could my K8N diamond plus be the problem?

I just recently upgraded my gfx card to an 8800GTS figuring my performance issues would go away, but I keep having the same problems, so it is not the gfx card. (Or I am just insanely unlucky.)

Basically I have a decent enough system, a bit old, but thats ok.

everything is running at stock settings.

Amd x2 4400+
evga 8800GTS ( I had this in slot 2, but I moved it to the primary slot w/ no perfomance difference)
MSI K8N DIamond plus
2 GB PC4000 OCZ ram (currently a bit underclocked i believe, running a 200 MHZ FSB)

I have some seagate 250 GB sata drives, which seem fine and haven't reported issues.

Now the weird part. On fast paced games such as CS:S I get bad performance. Any time the action builds up it slows down like suddenly it forgot to load player models and the like.

This is running at 1024x768 w/ low water effects, no AA, and Trilinear AF. I've reinstalled windows about 3 times and CS:S feels like I am slogging through mud.

In NWN2 I notice a fair amount of slowdowns in anything graphically intensive.

CS:S is the worst offender, sometimes dropping into 10 fps on certain maps.

I've switched virus scanners, lowered the amount of processes running and nothing works. After running memtest on my memory it never reported an error for about 12-15 hours of running.

So I can only think either CPU or Motherboard... any ideas, thoughts, possible solutions?
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  1. download new drivers for the VGA and the new DirectX...that may fix the problem
  2. Well I have the newest ones released, maybe I'll try it again, hopefully thats all I'll need, thanks!
  3. what is your psu?=power supply.
  4. Well this is the first time I ever seen anyone complain of these symptoms, which is pretty much what I have. CS:S used to play PERFECTLY but now it feels as if I'm running around at 15 fps although the game reads upwards of 100. At first I thought it was my video card, as it's fan was messed up, but replacing it changed nothing.

    I've installed different OS's about 3 dozen times, and tweaked everything imaginable. Gone through the Steam support with 0 luck, tried sticks of ram one at a time, (All of which pass memtest.) used a different motherboard, different power supply, even tried different hard drives. So pretty much the only thing I haven't changed is the processor, which is what I'm about to replace after I get my tax refund. It idled at a good 100C for a while from a bad heatsink installation, and my guess is that I damaged it. However it seems to preform about the same as benchmarks online which I find a bit odd.

    Anyways, having a 115w TDP, this thing still gets hot as hell with the stock Intel heatsink, and I found that gameplay gets worse the longer I play. I underclocked it a bit because I think it's throttling (Although throttlewatch detects nothing.) and that helped gameplay a little.

    So, I'm not sure what your problem is but I think mine's a damaged processor.
  5. As far as I know my proc is not damaged. Mine runs around 28-30C (sometimes 32-34C under load).

    As for PSU, I have an OCZ Powerstream 520 Watt supply. It just seems to go into a really jerky mode after a while and the play becomes almost unbearable.
  6. Try to change the power supply. I recomend: CoolerMaster iGreen Power 600W (RS-600-ASAA) ATX12V V2.2 Active PFC 600W with EU Cable SLI,EPS or cheaper Spire PSU 600W (Real Power), Nickel Coated, ATX spec. compliant, supports: Intel P4, AMD XP & Athlon64, Features "Blue ball bearing LED Fan, BTX 1.0a & ATX 1.3/2.01 PFC & ROHS
  7. Did you install the latest AMD drivers, and especially the Dual-Core Optimizer.

    If not here's the link:,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

    I think the Dual-Core Optimizer should fix your problem. You have a sufficient PSU, I don't think that's it.
  8. Yeah I got the Dual-Core optimizer which is the funny part. It should be installed and working correctly, but sometimes drivers have funny behavior on this computer. I am not sure why, and I've already had plenty of guesses which fixed nothing. So it could be a reinstall of the driver again or something. Though if it kept happening, I would think something else is the culprit.
  9. Hello again..I see you have some shitty problem :D. One more tip from me... install the new bios versionfor the mainboard and for the VGA card if it is avalable on the web site. if that not fix the problem then you have hardware problem. I think that the power supply is fucking around. I had sold out 200 or more MSI mainboards but only I had problem with 1 so I don't think so that the mainboard is the problem it's plausable try changing the components one by one if you had some frenf to help you with parts.
  10. Without getting a multi-meter are there any programs out there which can measure power quality from supplies, or at least seeing the amps/volts along the rail? I know I can see voltages, but maybe there is a program which can monitor quality? If not, no big deal, but if so it'd be cool to see at least.
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