Noticibly better video through DVI Cable?

Hey, just wondering if it would be worth the cost of buying a DVI cable for my GPU card in order to get better graphics. My monitor does have a dvi and vga port, so does my gpu, I have been tempted into buying one, just wanted your guys opinion.

What do you think?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. None, some will claim yes but I have yet to see it and I use both side by side.
  3. Watching dvd's will show you the difference if you pay attention. Games....not so much.
  4. I'm no expert but I'd probably say it depends on the graphics solution, monitor and cable used. I have an lg L1932TQ-BF and i was using the stock vga connector then went to a monster 400 series dvi cable. I noticed more vivid and sharper colors. But it could also be highly subjective. It was definately worth it to me. I'd go with dvi.
  5. Conveniently, both my monitor and video card sport DVI and VGA connectors, so I once hooked both up to see if I could tell the difference switching between the two. Short story: I couldn't.

    I still use the DVI connector because theoretically there should be less data loss. You are skipping a D/A conversion at the video card and another A/D conversion at the LCD monitor, if I understand how things work.

    I imagine the DVI would come in handy if you are pushing the boundaries of the length of cable between your monitor and computer, say if you had the box in another room. I don't think this arrangement applies to many people, though.
  6. I can definitely notice the difference and I would never use VGA on an LCD, though it depends on the equipment and how trained the users eye is. One thing to keep in mind is, DVI will always be better, it certainly won't be worse, as another user pointed out it bypasses 2 unnecessary conversions. With a VGA cable, you start with a digital signal, then it gets converted to analog at the RAMDAC, then back to digital inside the monitor...some video cards/monitors do this better than others, but it doesn't make much sense when you can do digital all the way. The colors will be more accurate and the picture more crisp with DVI. Get a cheap DVI cable(a more expensive cable will do *nothing* when it comes to short distances.) If you don't notice the difference, you aren't out that much and at least you know you have the best config. Hope that helped.
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