GKSKILL ram witht he Red Heat Spreader no good?

I just bought a system with:

Biostar tforce p965pt
Buffalo firestix pc6400 2 x 1gb.

I can overclock all the way up to 470mhz, but i tone it down to 443mhz so i don't have to raise the voltages as much.

So my buddy buys the same setup, except he goes for the red gksill ram, because its on sale and $40 cheaper.


We cant seem to get his system above 400 mhz...

Anyone got any opinions of the ram he picked up?
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  1. Green means go. Red means stop.
    Yellow means go very fast.

    Get the yellow memory next time.

    no 2 components OC the same, even if they are the same product.
  2. What Comptia said.

    Dem G. Skills rams is good stuffs tho. Running my 6300 at 430FSB with room to spare.
  3. I have the "red" GSkill RAM as we've discussed in my thread. Tonight I may tinker with going above 400 FSB (thought I'm satisfied) so we'll see and have another point of reference for this RAM.

    I bought this RAM knowing that it should be reliable within its specs and wasn't the best choice for OCing, as my OC goals were modest. For the price it's probably going to be fine.

    For what it's worth, during my trials and tribulations the last couple days, the couple times I remember trying to run the RAM at anything over 800MHz it didn't POST.
  4. let me know how it goes.
  5. Well, I had a little time last night and bumped the FSB to 429 to see if I could hit 3 GHz. No dice. System didn't POST and I had to do a jumper CMOS reset. I tweaked the Vcore up to 1.40 to see what would happen as well. Nothing.

    My other settings were Vfsb = 1.4, Vg(mch) = 1.35, Vram = 2.0 at 1:1 and 5-5-5-15. Maybe I should have relaxed the timings a little? I am weary of upping this Vram to 2.1 or 2.2, it is only rated to 2.0.

    At any rate, I may give it some more effort next week. It just appears to me that this memory does not want to overclock at all, even only up to 858 MHz.
  6. I'd have to question 3 different parts. CPU, mobo and/or ram. As I mentioned, I'm running a 430 FSB with default vocre (1.3250) with zero problems. Remember, not all CPUs are created equal. The Biostar board is supposed to be a great OCer, and my results are off the Giga S3. Not saying its an issue, but could be. Might test the ram with memtest, just to be sure it's ok as well.
  7. Yeah, whenever I bump the Vram above 2.0, and am able to POST, I have ran memtest with very poor results.
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