hey thanks for the help on building my system guys and well its made and im lovin it but i got a prob my mate has a similar budget system and im pissed that his is getting better FPS on games such as CS:source and FEAR etc
so if you guys could help me find out why his system is getting these higher rates that would be appreciated

heres our specs:
his system
AMD 3000+ , clawhammer + socket 754
GIGABYTE mobo with socket 754 and AGP
512mb PC3200 ram
Palit Geforce 7600GS sonic overclocked
windows 64bit
very cheap icute PSU

my specs:
AMD 3700+ san diego core socket 939
512mb pc3200 ram
point of view Geforce 7600GT overclocked
Thermaltake pure power 470W
windows 32 bit

i appeciate all of your opinions

cheers, 'catch my disease' ep1demic
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  1. Your system is clearley better.
    Could it possibly be that he is using XP64?

    That is the only reasion I could think of for him getting higher framerates.
    Is CS: source or fear compiled for a 64bit OS?
  2. hmmm interesting i dunno cos on quake 3 we get same fps 490-500
  3. sticky caps lock drops FPS by about 20. 8O

    even the 64bit versions shouldnt show that much of a gain yet (maybe 5fps MAX), try cleaning up the OS though. get rid of unneeded bloat running in the background, defrag, check for spyware etc. also try turning down/disabling extras when gaming/benchmarking, you will be pleasantly suprised at the difference. your system should be doing better.
    Also, how much is he beating you by? alot?
  4. What speeds are your video cards?
  5. How much memory do you both have before you launch the games? How many processes are you both running? How about anti-virus software?

    Also, you say you're getting 490-500 frames per second? I take it that's a typo. What's your frame rate on a few different games? And make sure you're comparing the game settings. One machine running @ 640x480 with low detail may kick butt on a more powerful machine running 1600x1200 with high detail.

  6. Cleaning up your OS is a verry good thing to do on any serious gaming rig.
    Here is a good utility I found to help manage your regestiry and startup items.

    The more stuff you have running, the slower your gaming will be.
  7. our card speeds are both 256mb Gddr3 ram and our clocks are both around 642/1645
  8. oh and how do i turn sticky caps off ive never heard of it
  9. seriously, scan for viruses if you haven't already.

    free programs: spybot, adaware
  10. you haven't actually said HOW much better... please don't tell me it's just 5fps or less... at that point it could be anything...
  11. Actually the 7600gs oc is aimed at offering the low-end gamer something decent for a change.It may be that the gs runs better frames as it is tailored for the lower end systems.Just a theory i have.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.6 S-939
    2X EVGA 7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  12. Since your hardware is clearly better, it's probably one or more smaller things contributing to a bigger problem; bloated Windows install, background software hogging the CPU etc., maybe even something as seemingly trivial as RAM timings, all things to look into. A virus scan and a defrag can't hurt either.

    Ctrl+Alt+Del into the task manager and see if anything is eating up an unusual amount of memory or CPU time.

    If it's been a while a fresh Windows install may be in order.

    Also a more obvious thing that other people pointed out, if you guys are running different settings that'll do it.
  13. BTW, neither of you have a whack of extra memory, which is why I asked the questions about how much free memory and how many processes you're running before you get into the games. 512MB is pretty much a minimum nowadays.

  14. Woah didn't even see the 512MB RAM, that looks like the biggest issue, you most likely have more processes running in the background eating up your memory compared to your friend. You're gonna want at least 512 more, but I'd reccomend 2GB if the budget allows, kill any unnecessary processes when you game in the meantime.
  15. because his grass is greener.
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