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I have 2 computers networked together using a linksys router so I can share my cable modem and printer.
Is there anyway to keep the network password prompt form popping up every time I restart my computers?
I know I just have to hit the enter key but I’m lazy and it would be nice to not see that useless message.
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  1. All you need is tweakUI. There are versions for Win2k,Win98 and WinME. Do a search on most tweak file sites, or search in Microsoft's support files. Or try here
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    Go into your network properties and use the Microsoft Family Logon. Even though its crap logon it will get rid of the password prompt.
  3. Why did you spend on a router? Smacking some Proxy software on the computer with the cable modem and a simple hub would have done the trick.. it did for me.

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  4. I read some reviews on how superior a router is to a hub, Built in firewall, faster, different OS can coexist, etc.
    I don’t remember all the details but for not much more cash I said what the hell.
    Here is one of the articles.
    Read it then tell me if it changes your mind.
  5. Did you manage to get rid of the logon screen?

  6. Using the "Microsoft Family Logon" worked like a charm.
    No more password prompt at startup.
    Thx for the tip.
  7. I agree that tweakUI is a great solution. It has a built in function that logs you in automatically.
  8. Yes TweakUI is a pretty nice tool. I recommend all windows users get that proggie and put it to use on there machine.
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