Windows 2000 & K7t266 pro problem

I am trying to run Windows 2000 on a new machine I just built, MSI K7T266PRO, AMD 1.2 Athelon, 256Meg DDR kingston RAM, NVIDIA TNT2 32meg video, WD Hard Drive, the rest is basic. However after installing Windows 2000 and after a couple of days use I get corrupt files and sometimes upon reboot it will completally crash. It seems to be a compatiability issue. Has anyone had any problems running Win 2000 on this mother board and processor?????

Any suggestions would be appreciated, if this is not resolved in a few days I am going to trade this stuff in and go Intel, I have only a few days left before I can trade this stuff in.


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  1. it could be any number of things... there simply isnt enough info to make a definitive diagnosis.
    i could be something like a bad hard disk, a problem with your ram, poor hard drive connector cable, a poor powersupply unit/too low wattage or even just a dud motherboard.

    i dont think its a processor problem as they usually cause random lockups after running for a while, and rarely cauze data corruption.

    im thinking its something like a bad drive, cable or powersuppy.
    what is the wattage of your PSU?

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