AP Econ Project

I am doing a money project in my econ class and it is basically just interviewing people. I am collecting responses from fifty people.

Here it is:

I have one Nick Dollar, a currency I created. Would you accept my Nick Dollar in exchange for an item?

1. Why or why not?

2. What gives U.S. Currency it's value? (don't google, answer what you actually think).

3. Some kind of real name, could be your first name or anything you want

4. Ethnicity

5. Age (under/over 35)

Thanks a lot
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  1. All right i guess i'll do your homework for you ;)

    1. Nope i have no reason to believe the currency holds any value

    2. The fact that people as a whole trust that it has a certain consistent value and accept it as exchange for goods and services.

    3. Daniel

    4. White

    5. under 35
  2. I majored in econ so I feel your pain.

    1. Not unless I can be certain other people will accept my Nick Dollar for one of their items.

    2. People's belief that they will be able to exchange U.S. currency for other goods and services.

    3. Steve

    4. Caucasian

    5. Under 35

  3. Thanks a lot guys, the responses really help. Please respond I need about 25 more
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