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Well, I had a question on another post that you guys answered and you all got me thinking, I was looking at getting 2x 7950GT 512Mb OC cards but I think that was going to be the wrong decision!

I have checked and can only fit 1 of these 8800GTS's in my case so SLI is not an option at the moment, my questions to all of you that care to comment:

Taking into consideration that I can only run at 1280x1024, will the 8800GTS do the following on it's own:

1/ Play "Call of Duty 2" and be able to turn up the graphics to max incl 4xAA & 16xAF
2/ Play "Quake 4" and use Ultra Quality, same question as for CoD2

While the 7900GS 512's I am running at the moment will do CoD2 at that setting, they will not do Quake smoothly, the game stutters every time you come to a door, this is really annoying and probably is the most relevant reason for upgrading TBH.

If the 8800GTS will do what I want, what are your opinions on the MSI version? In Aust the prices of the other brands are just crazy, the only other brand I could afford is "Point of View" but I have never had anything to do with them. I believe all of these cards come from the same factory and just have different stickers fitted!
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  1. 8800GTS is a much better choice than two 7950GTs.
  2. Quote:
    8800GTS is a much better choice than two 7950GTs.

    There you go some gr8 advice from a very experienced user :)

    That is the truth 8)

    plus just to add a single Gts is only slower than the GTX overall that is on all resolutions and taking the average summary of the tests :D
  3. 8800GTS is an awesome card, it will blow your mind 8) :lol:
    As to brands, well, look for the best deal($$$)/warranty. GL
  4. So, one person votes "no way" and everyone else votes "yes, easily", looks like the ayes have it.

    Would the "no way" voter care to elaborate?

    EDIT: Also, has anyone anything, good or bad, to say about Innovision, I have just found this version for a similar price.
  5. Hi there,

    Yes, GTS = fine for that.

    Also: I had a Point of View 6800 and unlocked the pipelines to make it a 6800GT, it was a brilliant card and I never had a problem with it during the 2 years I had it. Thus, my experience with Point of View is good.
  6. my friend bought the 8800gts for his dell 24 inch monitor and hes got no complaints. so you'll be more then fine.
  7. It's good to hear so many good reviews and comments from people who actually have the hardware you are considering buying.

    Why is it that some people just have to vote no and not comment, I wonder if they actually have any experience with the cards and have a reason to think they will not do the job.
  8. I have a eVGA 8800 GTS, and have it overlocked to 600 core, and 900 memory (still has plenty left in it if i choose to push it further) and it does everything that I could want it to do. I upgraded from a 7950 GX2 and it was a big upgrade, the picture quality is much nicer and 8x+ AA in games is very 8) .
  9. Excellent, good to hear you are happy with it.

    I am nearly decided but it is a big investment in one component, just want to be sure it is going to be worth it :roll:
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