What card Geforce 6800XT, 7300GT, Radeon x1600PRO

I am upgrading my Radeon 9250 so i can play some Bf2. Which one of these cards is the best ( 6800xt, 7300GT, x1600Pro) and will give me the best performance on bf2?
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  1. First, why those 3 cards? is there a specific reason? because neither of em are very good.

    THe 7300GT is alrite but i personally think the 6800XT is the better choice due the 256mb and 256mb bit-bus, both the 7300GT/6800XT have 8 PP.

    The X1600Pro you should just stay away from its a pretty bad card unless you want something cheap.

    If i were you i would look into a either a X1950Pro AGP for 200$ or the 7600GT for 180$ at newegg.com
  2. forget your choices you've suggested... tell us what your budget and where abouts you live so we can provide you a variety of cards to buy.
  3. Im on a pretty tight budget right now. Im really only looking to spend between 100-140 dollars on a video card. I have agp slots only, my mobo is a little old. I just need something that will play my games decently until i can upgrade to pci-e.
  4. What about a 7600 GS or 1650 Pro.

    Both available in AGP flavour in your price range. And I believe some 7600 GS are easily overclockable to almost match 7600 GT speed.
  5. Right now there is THIS card being sell on ebay @ 149 + shipping. That's the best card you can get for that money, A LOT better than a 6800XT.
  6. Quote:
    Right now there is THIS card being sell on ebay @ 149 + shipping. That's the best card you can get for that money, A LOT better than a 6800XT.

    It won´t play the latest Splinter Cell or R6 Vegas though...
  7. Quote:
    It won´t play the latest Splinter Cell or R6 Vegas though...

    Well, as you can see he is budget limited, and the X800XT still being a very respectable card, that can even play Oblivion in medium settings at acceptable framerates.
  8. And Right now on NewEgg I see a 7600GS for $109 after rebate or open box for $99.

    Thus they are only about $10-$20 more than the other cards and will likely give you more than you need.
  9. Well, the 7600GS is a better choice than the other cards, but mostly if is overclocked. A $109 price is very good tho. But if I want to play, I'll take the X800XT AIW as the best choice under $200.

    HERE is a thread about the 7600GS, from 3 months ago.
  10. No doubt its better, I was just trying to find a card in the same basic price range. At about $10-$20 he could really step up into the next range. Though he said $100-$140, all the cards he picked were sub $100 so I tried to find a card close to that.

    The card you picked was not far beyond his $140 max.

    All up to the poster how much he is willing to panhandle for those extra FPS. ( I would be on the street corner saying "Excuse me sir, but do you have an FPS you could spare for the poor.")
  11. I have the same question. Before i start i live in the Philippines, so cost wise it's unlikely that i would be buying from any internet reseller, we've got tons of shops here in manila. But my problem is that AGPs are almost extinct here, there are still some out there but good ones are VERY HARD TO FIND.

    Im Fairly happy with my set-up, until the new Splintercell and Battlefield came out. Now i need to Upgrade my whimpy FX5500.

    My only somewhat decent choices are either a;

    PALIT 7300GT-Sonic AGP
    256MB/128bit DDR3
    Core Clock:400 MHz
    Memory Clock: (2 x500mhz) 1000MHz
    or a;
    PowerColor x1650 Pro AGP
    256MB/128bit DDR2
    Core Clock:600 MHz MHz
    Memory Clock: (2 x400mhz) 800MHz


    Both of these cards support Shader 3.0 and DX9.

    As for the pipiline and shader count, none of the manufacturer site have them listed

    I cant find any review that would help me in deciding. So i hope you guys would help me. At first i was leaning towards the 7300GT-Sonic because of the DDR3 and the power connector which is a 6 pin (that my PSU has in a sepparate rail). But then i found the x1650, and thought that i could be a btter choice since i would be gaining 200Mhz on the core but give up 200Mhz also on the memory, which is a DDR2. The x1650 pro also has it's own power connector but its just a regular MOLEX one, which i could live with if it would perform better than the 7300GT-Sonic.

    Thanks Guys.
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