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Bought a chinese (aren't they all?) multi card reader in KL, and windows 7 can't find a driver. Looks like "epraizer" printed on it.

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  1. Strange. . .I have never seen a card reader that required other than the Windows built-in generic driver.
  2. Does the reader show up in your device manager?In windows 7 they don't show under my computer.
  3. I answered the last post early this morning on my mobile but it hasn't appeared. The answer was yes it appears in Device Manager. However, since then, I've got on this laptop again, and low and behold, Windows has installed the driver. So all sorted, thanks for your time.
  4. Problem, it does not show as a drive.
  5. I'm showing hidden drives now, g,h,I,j. Still not appearing, with or without card. I think I'll give up on this til I get home on my xp. Cheers
  6. Micro sd card shows in drive, SIM card does not.

  7. A SIM card might have a protected lock on it, accessible only through the 'phone.

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