So if i dont want to play Fps

I just had a thought that besides the fact that u need a uber god system to play crysis , which i dont care much about , would it be alright to go in for a 8800 gts specifically since i play mostly strategy games .

Also i have a Amd 3000 , would this cpu overclocked to say about 2.4 mghz be good enough for about 2 years .

This way i can just get more ram a better monitor rather then build a whole new system .
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  1. well i have a 500 watt power supply

    hmm i was thinking like how long before i would need to replace a 8800 GtS if am gaming at 1280 x 1024

    like i am buying the card now so when i get a new system ill just use it there.

    As for the R 600 i havent got the patience plus i am really busy at work so ill just be playing like a few games and proably not to many this year .

    As for the bottleneck when i get my system i wont have to buy a vcard .

    would this card give me better performance then my current x 1800 gto .
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