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GF 8800 GTX and PC lockups and a host of other probs

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January 24, 2007 5:57:26 AM

Hey all. I recently built my new PC, and it seems that ever since i built it, i've been having problems. My newest one is with what i *believe* is my video cards.

I have 2 BFG watercooled 8800 GTX's, and some weird things have been happening. I know their not Evga, but bfg doesn't have a forum and i don't want to email their support yet.

Firt thing is random lockups. I'll be playing WoW, and all of a sudden the PC will just lock up. it's totally random, i can't ever intentially reproduce the effect. the mouse will move, but nothing will pull the system out of the hang. The only thing i can do is manually restart, not even the power off button will work. I get no errors, nothing.

Second, in FEAR, particularly, it will play perfectly for a first few min, all settings maxed, (except like 2 that have to do with shadows); but then it will start getting really choppy, like it's going in frames.

So this lead me to want to check to make sure that my cards were infact running in SLi. I Checked the internet, and everyone seems so suggest tto "enable GPU load balancing" for a deffinate answer. Well i don't have that option anyware. i've checked the nvidea advanced settings, installed nTune to see if it was there. it's no where. All i have is the nvidia control panel which is a pathetic excuse for that. it gives me the option to rotate my display and adjust color setting. WTH is that?

I've checked my RAM with memtest for about 8 hours, 0 errors, i don't think it's my CPU, because i would think i'd have more problems than this if my CPU were bugged. That only leaves me with the games, the video cards, or the mobo (an evga 680i btw). Mobo is P24 i believe. Video cards have latest drivers.

This is really starting to piss me off, all these bugs i keep running into. i've never built a PC that was this instable.

I'm leaning towards maybe 1 of my 2 video cards is screwed up, but it's SUCH a hassel at this point to mess with the video cards at this point. Their water cooled and if i want to check the bottom card I have to drain the entire loop, move the video cards, then cut new tubes and re-rout all of it, then fill it again. not to mention unplugging everything else in the case.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

evga 680i mobo
OCZ PC-9200 RAM (4GB)
silverstone 850w PSU
C2D x6800

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January 24, 2007 7:38:20 AM

there's on option to go to classic view. The pane on the left is blank. The main window basically says all the control options were consolidated into one application, the nvidia control panel.
January 24, 2007 8:28:38 AM

Bios updated on your evga 680i motherboard? Pretty sure its that motherboard causing your troubles.
January 24, 2007 9:15:52 AM

who knows dude seriously..i have a bfg tech 8800gtx...upgraded from a 7800 gtx...and in all valve games i get distant fog and things turn a silvery color, and once i get far enough away things start to disappear...i have not been satisfied with my card at all, nvidia claims they are making a patch for it, but ir emember emailing them 2 different times about it, one person said they are making a patch, the other had no idea what iw as talking about and told me to turn off my on board video like im some pc novice..for all i know , its your video card, but id figure id let yo know im having a problem with my bfg, but looks like we have 2 dif problems.