120mm*20mm Fan?

Do they exist? I have a about 2cm between the case facia and the steel internals of the case. I am planning on cutting a 12 cm circle on the facia and then into the steel and install a fan in the gap in between. However the gap is 20mm wide. My normal 12cm fans are 25mm wide and so dont fit. My question is do they make 120mm case fans that are only 20mm deep? If so where can i buy them. I have looked around at dabs, ebuyer, scan, aria but so far i have had no luck.

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  1. 20mm fans aren't common for pcs, pc fans are normally 25mm

    if u want a 20mm, look in an electronics store, cooling-stuff place, hardware store. there normally called slimline or something similar, but there usually used in heavy duty cooling apps, where noise is 2nd to performance.
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