P180 or Tt Armor/Kandalf

Which case would you recommend, the Antec P180 or Tt Armor/Kandalf with the 250mm side fan? I'll be using a Asus P5B Deluxe mobo, C2D E6600 (OCed somewhat) and 8800GTX.

I'm mostly concerned about air flow and temperatures but also value silence to what extent it's possible.
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  1. with 8800GTx i would probably say the TT Armor with the side fan but dont listen to me that much because i am kinda new here.
    personally i like the P180 the best than the armor and finally the Kandalf.
  2. I picked up the Armor a couple of months ago and I was very impressed at how much airflow it has. I got the one without the side fan, and it still rocks. The case is very sturdy and well-built and I like a lot of the features, such as the upper hard drive cage.
    Just my 2cents.
  3. i get good flow in my p180 and it is the quietest case i have ever worked with.
  4. I'm currently using the Tt Kandalf w/ 250mm side fan panel. Outstanding ventilation and cooling. :D You can't go wrong with it.
  5. Armor, bring out the big gun.
  6. ive got the armor without the side fan. its got good airflow, but its ugly as sin. those front fins? dumb. and its pretty noisy too. not nearly as quiet as my friend who has the p180. however, if your looking for a case with lots of space, you cant really beat the armor.
  7. lol, if it's so ugly why did you buy it? personally i removed the front half doors
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