The x530 or the z5500?

Hello I have a medium sized room that I use to play on an xbox 360 and watch films on my pc. I want to get some good speakers as I have a non-working xfi fatality that I will get working soon. The z5500s seem rather overkill and the subwoofer looks so big that it'd probably kill my neighbours downstairs. However the x530s do not have an optical input which my xbox and soundcard do. Basically my question is would I missing out on a lot if I did not use the optical outs and went for the x530s?

pS The xfi does not install, the drivers say that there is no hardware detected and eventually when they do install I get BSOD. If anyone has any suggestions i'd be grateful.
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  1. bang?
  2. I have z5500, I can tell you they are great speakers

    Regarding your question, lets see what I will consider plus:

    - Multiple line-in conections: connect the xbox, the pc, a dvd player an iPod all at once, no need to get up or disconnect cables, reconnect the other cables, etc
    - Dolby and DTS decoder: view movies in your tv using them as a home theater (since you have xbox I assume you have a tv in same room to use it, also if xbox has dvd player fetures)
    - remote control (usefull if tv/speakers will be far to reach or need to get up to use the volume)
    - great sound quality

    Hope this helps...
  3. I ordered the Z5500 even though it is extreme overkill. I like how the speakers look and I could not resist that magnificent silver controller. I read the description and it says the knob is weighted!! Diabolical or what!

    Sorry I can't answer about the optical vs minijack. I suspect you could not hear the diff.

    Also, I have read that you have to uninstall your onboard audio drivers first. Apparently the Creative drivers are very fussy, and you might do better to download the most recent ones from Creative. Read the reviews on your card at newegg.
  4. where are you getting the z5500's from, cus I have not been able to find them in stock anywhere.
  5. Logitech is pretty tight-lipped about this. There is a possibility of a new product coming out soon.
  6. I got the mine along with my new rig from ABS. I think newegg will have more on 2/23.
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