Help to find Hardware for new pc.

It is my first time to build a computer and would like to get some help finding the hardware.
The computer is most going to be used for surfing on the internet and watching dvds on it.

The hardware I have found:
- Intel Celeron D 356
- Motherboard: ASUS P5GZ-MX, intel 945GZ Express
- Harddisk: Hitachi Dekstar 7K160 80GB
- PC2-4300 1GB from kingston
- Nvidia MSI NX7100GS-TD256
- case: A open H435A

I have a floppy drive and dvd drive from an old compaq presario 5000.

Have you any sugestions and does the hardware I have found match :?:

:D Christian
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  1. My budget is around 600$.

    What video card would you go for?
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