DOS(Wordstar) driver for EPSON 5900L laser printer

Any one can help me to locate a DOS (WORDSTAR) printer driver for my recently purchased EPSON 5900L laser printer??
The printer lacks a DOS driver which i need. There is No offical support from EPSON either.
FREEDOS.COM does not offer any help either.
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  1. Parallel or USB?

    If it's parallel just print to LPT1 (or whichever parallel port it's on). You shouldn't need a driver to print in dos to a parallel printer - unless it's one of the "dumb/software" inkjet printers.

    Test it by typing "dir >lpt1" at a dos prompt.

    A Wordstar driver would provide access to all the fonts and other such settings in your printer.

    I've got all the WordPerfect 5.1 (for dos) printer drivers if that helps any.

    - JW
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