Windows 7 did not install properly

So here is the lowdown.

I tried to upgrade from Vista Home 32bit to Windowns 7 32bit but the upgrade was not sucessful. Now normally I would do a clean install, but this isn't my computer. The computer is a HP s3000. When you boot up you eventually come to a black screen that says choose your operating system. Windows 7 is listed and Windows 7 rollback is the other option. Both options take you to the blue/green install screen where it tells you that Windows 7 did install properly and it's rolling back to the previous OS. It then automatically reboots the computer and does the same thing over and over. It's stuck in this loop. If I boot off the 7 disc it takes me back to setup. I tried to do a repair and that did not work. I tried to initiate the upgrade and that didn't work.

So is my only option to do a clean install now?
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  1. If you can't repair, I'd do a clean install. Make a partition w/ the install CD, and install the OS on that one. This will allow you to recover files and documents on the messed up OS.
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