noob alert! is my 8800gtx bad?

I am a tad new at all this so i thought i would seek the help of some more experienced fellows :) The problem is I cant seem to get a score on 3dmark06 higher than 6800, running 8800gtx at stock speeds. This is the total score, not just the score for the card :-/. Also using a dual core processor (though it is a pentium d 930, not a c2d) somone told me this might be a limiting factor, but i thought the cpu and gpu scores on 3dmark06 were calculated seperately?

I've tried everything i can think of, even swapping the card between different pci-e slots on the evga 680i, but it's still the same. I've got the latest drivers from nvidia, 97.92 i believe. Anyone got any bright ideas?

incase it helps, the rest of the components i'm using are:

tagan 900w psu
pentium d 930 3.0ghz
corsair 2gb 6400c4pro @2.1v 4-4-4-12
1 x 250gb sata-ii hdd
evga 680i mainboard
pioneer ide dvd/rw
antec 900 case
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  1. You should be able to tell if you break the scores down from 3dmark. It should give you a sm2, sm3 and cpu score. I have c2duo 6700 on stock clock and i get around 2500 on cpu score. Total score is around 10000 with 8800gtx. Dont have the numbers in front of me for the sm scores but i do remember that the card did not go below 45 on average fps in all but the cpu tests. My guess would be the cpu is the cause of the lower scores.
  2. your running a pentium D with a 8800gtx????

    Hahaha, a Pentium cant even take a 8800gtx to half its potental, so 6000 is normal.

    If you want full potential from that card, you need a E6700 or better
  3. ah right, my cpu score was only about 1500, so you think it has also had a detrimental affect on my gpu scores aswell? that is comforting since i was worried i would have to rma the card!
  4. I'm running an 8800gts 640mb with a pentium d 940 and I get over 7100 in 3d mark 06. You're score does seem like it is low. The gts is bottlenecked by my cpu but I would expect that the gtx would get slighty higher marks.

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