PCI Express x16 upgrade help!

I am hoping to spend some tax return money for a new video card. I can spend about $200, maybe more if the price is worth the performance, but not too much more. I am looking at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102067
The only complaint I have seen is the fan noise, so I plan on getting another fan for it if it is not too hard to do, is this a good video card for the price?

Or is this a better card? http://www.newegg.com/Product/ Product.asp?Item=N82E168141860 02

If anyone can find a benchmark test for the xt, please post!! I can only find them for the xtx.
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  1. Don't buy a video card. Whatever you want to buy will become insanely cheap the moment you buy it, and you will want to commit hara-kiri with your girlfriend as the beheader.

    Take the money, invest it in gold stocks or an energy mutual fund. Keep a little of it over and take your girlfriend somewhere nice for dinner. Buy a video card later. This is what tax returns are for.

    But you're not going to listen to me. :P
  2. Umm....right, lol. I will only get about $3000 for tax return if that. Me and my girlfriend do not go out to eat much anymore due to us having a baby, we stay at home with her and spend most of our time with our daughter instead of going out to eat, but anyway about those cards...
  3. Sigh.
  4. What is going on here? I thought this would be a great place to ask about a video card.
  5. The 200 bucks range will get you a decent 7900GT or x1950Pro at the moment. BTW, you've gotta fix those links so that people can help you make a decision.
    XFX offers a silent heatpipe edition called the XXX. It may fit your needs.
  6. Try to figure out what you need the card for, then see some benchmarks. Here's an example:


    I read in several places that nVidia cards do better than ATI cards in some games, and worse in others. If you have a favourite game it's probably best to pick a card of the appropriate type.

    If you're just watching movies and playing Solitaire you probably don't want any of those cards, go for something passively cooled like X1600XT.
  7. I play WoW, Hlaf-Life 2, FEAR, Prey, etc. and I have been looking for charts, I just cannot find any with the x1950xt card on them, only the x1950 xt.
  8. X1950XT Ftw.
  9. Quote:
    X1950XT Ftw.

  10. That's all I needed to hear, thanks alot everybody!! Now just to find a different fan for the card.....I have read alot of reviews that complain about how loud it is.
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